March 27, 2013


Umm... I mean *I'M* alive!! LOL

So sorry to have been so quiet lately. I have just been nutso, crazy busy!!! We had 2 Bdays (and celebrated Colin's as well), AND we are supposed to be leaving for a quick trip to Tennessee in the morning. YILES!!! Then there's Easter on Sunday (and Colin's Bday).... GOOD GRIEF!!!!

I was hoping to sew along with this season of Project Run & Play, but that just isn't happening. We have too much going on right now.

OH!!! Our internet has been terribly spotty the past couple of weeks! It's making me crazy! Most of Monday and Tuesday we had no service AT ALL!! Then it was out this morning for a couple of hours! ARGH!!!! Don't make me hurt you, Comcast!!!

Hopefully things will settle down after this coming weekend! Wish me luck!!!!


  1. Hope life settles down and you get it all done.. Frustrating sometimes,isnt it?
    Enjoy your trip to Tn.. and hope you get back to sewing soon.
    The slow/non working internet is REALLY frustrating. Mine had been acting up too..

  2. Thank you, Judy!!!
    HUGS!! I hope your internet starts behaving itself!!!


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