October 10, 2013

My Recent Reading List

I have been doing a bit better with my reading lately, getting in a few more books than my recent average. I thought I would share that list with you.

(The pics are clickable links to Amazon)

I picked this up at the library Monday (I am also writing this on Monday. Shhhh!!) I'm not very far into it but I am already hooked. AND I've already been creeped out!!! LOVE IT!!!

One word, read NOS4A2 by Joe Hill before reading this to "get" a certain part. ;)


A WONDERFUL historical fiction book about Catherine the Great.

We follow the life of a bookbinders daughter as she enters the court of Empress Elisabeth. She is in the court when a young Sophie (soon to be Catherine) comes to be the bride of Elizabeth's nephew and next in line to the throne.

Absolutely captivating, but I wish I had known that the 2nd book wasn't out yet!!! LOL

I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I never realized how little I actually knew about the French Revolution!

I have such a great respect for Madame Tussaud and all that she endured.

This is absolutely the BEST titled book! I was completely and totally CREEPED out the entire time!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't realize until a few minutes ago that this was a sequel! WAH!!!! I had a feeling that I was missing a few things in the story, mainly to do with a couple of the lead characters. BUT even though I missed the first book, this was a very captivating and scary story!

We've all heard the story of Godiva's naked ride but do you know WHY she did it?? I have never heard the WHY of it. Not to say that this book is accurate, but now I have an IDEA of the WHY! ;) It was a very good story! I feel in love with the main characters and could barely put this book down.

Having Downton Abbey withdrawals???? Then this book is for YOU!!!!!

I screamed and cried in frustration all throughout this book!!!! I was aching to find out more when I closed the book. NOW I see that there are sequels!!! YAY!!! Thank you, Amazon! LOL

There are more... LOTS more.... If you want a longer list just click on my Goodreads box over on the right side. ;)



  1. I've been so bad about reading lately. I used to read a few books a week, now it seems like all I do is write and read blogs. Just borrowed a kindle book from the library yesterday and I SWEAR I'm going to read it. And then I'm checking out that Stephen King one.

  2. Yeah, my reading is down A LOT but it's starting to get better! :)
    I am loving Doctor Sleep. It's classic King! ;)


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