February 27, 2014

Iditarod Resources

Dog Sled Clipart

Graphic from ClassroomClipart.com

The Iditarod starts March 1st!! I think this will be the first year that we will try to follow it. The kids are getting excited!

I also have a list of resources for Alaska that I will be putting up in another post.

As always, I try to include resources for a variety of ages.

All printable resources are free unless marked with $$$.

Let me say that I am NOT affiliated in ANY way with ANY companies. I don’t get a dime for you clicking over to Amazon or CurrClick or any other site. I am just trying to put together as many great resources as I can find to give you and me plenty of options. ;)

Also, you really don’t HAVE to use books with most of these units. I always provide links with information about the topics. But the books are always too fun to pass  up. ;)

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Many of those are also for Kindle.

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Activity Books and Lesson Plans - NEA

Coloring Book - Leppro.com

Coloring Page - USA Printables

Coloring Pages, Worksheets and More - Education.com

Notebook Page, Video and Discussion Questions - Starts at Eight

Notebooking and Coloring Pages - The Teacher's Corner

Word Search, Coloring Pages and More - Homeschooling.About.com



Teachers Pay Teachers  Some FREE!!!!!!

online graphic

Activities - Squidoo 

Crafts - eHow

Ideas and Lesson Plans - Iditarod.com

Info - Kids' Turn Central

Info - Nat Geo

Info - Think Quest

Info - web.archive.org

Info and Links - Kids Konnect

Lesson Plan - Education World

Mini Unit Study - DIY Homeschooler

Quiz - Nat Geo Kids

Race News Center - Iditarod.com

Videos - Discovery

Virtual Field Trip - Field-Trips.org

Virtual Field Trips - Iditarod.com

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Check out these movies!


Eight Below

Snow Dogs

Snow Buddies is on Netflix streaming! (The other titles can be found on Netflix's disk service.)



  1. I just think the Iditarod is such a fascinating race. I didn't realize it starts on March first, I rarely hear much about it until it's over. Now I know to keep track of it too.

  2. It does seem very fascinating! This will be our first year tracking it! I can't wait!

  3. […] you all been following the Iditarod??? It started Saturday! I put together a list of resources for the Iditarod and thought you all might like to expand it with a study on […]

  4. Hi Stacy,
    How are you ? Hope your weather is getting better..we are still having lots of winter and I am so ready for spring.ha.
    Looks like you are really staying busy with home schooling. Wow...I don't know how you do all this.. amazing..
    Miss your sewing projects.. hope you get to sew some this summer.. take care..

  5. We have had the worst weather here. Lots and lots of ice and a huge tree down in the backyard. I am not quite ready for spring, though... That's tornado season around here. YILES!!!!!
    Definitely staying busy!!! LOL But the not sewing is KILLING me. I am certainly going to have to take matters into my own hands and rig something up..... Wish me luck! LOL


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