October 18, 2013

Fly on the Wall - October

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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Sooooo, this month has been rather dull. NOT one single person has done ANYTHING remotely silly or funny. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON AROUND HERE????? Maybe they are just getting better at hiding it from me??? Maybe we have the 6 weeks of school burn out???? Not sure but something HAS to change!!!

Don't worry, I do have something to post, although it's not our normal craziness.... Instead I have CUPCAKES!!! Hmmm, that might be even better than our normal craziness.

Cupcake Days 5

First we made zombie cupcakes from a kit we got at World Market.  A word to the wise, make sure you have powered sugar.... The green stuff that comes with it is NOT powdered sugar and the icing will taste like dog doo.... Yep. Definitely BLECK!!!!

Cupcake Days 10

Cupcake Days 11

Next we made Jack Skellington cupcakes! These were so much fun!!! And since the icing was store bough, they were very good! LOL

I used a regular chocolate cake mix and cream cheese icing. Then I used black Wilton Sparkle Gel to draw on the features.

Cupcake Days 12

Last we make Jack O'Lantern cupcakes! I used food coloring to make the cream cheese icing orange and the same black Wilton Sparkle Gel for the features.


Last Saturday I took Cailey and Colin to the Lowe's Build and Grow.  They have been having SO MUCH FUN at these little workshops!!!! On Sunday, Joann's will have a Monster's University make and take. I think we HAVE to go to that one, too.

If you want to see what else we've been up to in this month check out What We Did Last Week  and Busy Homeschooling Days.

Right now I am eyeball deep in Halloween costumes!!! Colin's is completely finished but I only have the pieces cut for Caileys. YILES!! I need to get moving!!!

Coming soon to a blog near you -

My Grandma's no bake cookie recipe

Halloween themed study unit resources

Cailey's Jinafire Long costume and Colin's pirate costume

Now, don't forget to check out all the amazing bloggers taking part in this month's Fly on the Wall!!!!


  1. Thank you!!! We had a lot of fun making them. :D

  2. I love the cupcakes. Jack skeletons are so cute. I'll have to give those a try. I need to find out about the make and takes from Lowe's. My Jonah would love that!

  3. Lowes and Home Depot do them once a month. The kids love them so much. The next Home Depot is a boat and the next Lowes will be a race car.
    THANKS! We had a lot of fun making them and they were super easy!

  4. OMG these cupcakes look AMAZING!!!! You need to come bake for me!!!

  5. What's the deal?! My guys gave me almost NO material this month either. Busy month, but not Fly material. Loved your cupcakes, especially the skeletons.

  6. Yeah, I'm hoping they snap out of it and go back to normal!!! LOL!!

  7. I love your cupcakes, all of them. Halloween is just so much fun, great time for playing with your food!

  8. Thank you, Karen!!!! I can't tell you how much that means to me coming from you!!! You are my Food Idol!! :)

  9. Those Jack Skellington cakes are awesome!
    I'm totally using the idea the next time I make cupcakes for K. She collects Jack stuff. :)
    I LOVE love love Wilton supplies of all sorts!
    The sparkle pictured so well.

  10. THANKS, Meg!! They were so much fun!!!!
    Oh!! You should check out the Wilton skull cake pan!

  11. I'm totally going to look into those. Thanks Stacy. BTW, my blog is up. I wasn't sure if you've been able to see the last few swaps. No big deal, I just wasn't sure ;)

  12. You're welcome. :)
    Weird. I've been reading and commenting. Maybe I'm not clicking something correctly?
    I'll try again.

  13. OK. I can see my comment. Is it showing up for you?

  14. Love the cupcake, especially the zombies. :)

  15. I love the cupcakes and my son is a big fan of Jack Skeleton, I see him asking me for these.

  16. Thank you!!!!
    We made some more yesterday. They quickly became a favorite. LOL


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