April 28, 2015

DIY Shabby Chic Bird Cage

One day I was in Joann's and saw this:

I fell in love with the idea but knew I wanted to do it a bit differently. 
By the way, Joann's has a ton of craft ideas both in store and on their site. Check it out!!

This is what I used along with some cardboard and scrap fabric. 
I found the birds at The Dollar Tree and that great scrap fabric ribbon at Hancock's. 

Step 1

I cut 2 pieces of cardboard and hot glued them together.
Then I wrapped the pieces in the scrap fabric and hot glued it down.

Step 2

Next, I hot glued a piece of ribbon at the end of the floral wire and wrapped it up, hot gluing the end as well. 
I did that to about 5 pieces of the floral wire. 

Step 3

I inserted 2 pieces of the wrapped floral wire into the cardboard.
Then I hot glued one bird to the bottom of the cage.
Next, I took clear thread and tied it to the other bird. After that, I tied it to the top of the cage.

Step 4

Then I inserted the rest of the wrapped wire.

Next, I hot glued the scrap ribbon along the bottom of the cage.

I then took a different color scrap ribbon, twisted it and glued it around the outside of the middle of the cage.

Lastly, I took a small flower and hot glued it to the top. 

ALL DONE!!!! A sweet, shabby chic bird cage!!!! Perfect addition to your spring home decor. 

So, what do you think???

I know, I know... The blog title says sewing and schooling but I love a little crafting, too!!! I'll be getting back to sewing tutorials VERY shortly. I have a few ideas that I want to try out for Cailey and Colin. 



  1. TOOOOO cute...
    what a cute spring decoration...
    How is Collin doing?Praying for him.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy!!!

      He is doing so much better. Still staying in out of the pollen but he hasn't had to have a breathing treatment or use his inhaler in days!!!!! YAY!!!!

  2. Yes, the end result. I love how it came out, great job!

    1. Thank you, Karen!!!!
      I am so glad to finally get it up on the blog! LOL

  3. This. This is adorable! I love me some cute birdies. :)

  4. Oh Joanns...how you inspire and force us to create!

    This is so cute Stacy :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jenn!!! <3

      I get in so much trouble when I start looking at all the craft ideas! LOL


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