July 31, 2013

Worm Unit Study with FREE Printables!

worm unit study

***FREE*** Notebooking Pages (made by me) -

wormnotebookingpagesstacysewsandschools   and   wormnotebooking2stacysewsandschools

As with all my units, I try to add resources for a variety of ages.

The printables are free unless otherwise noted.

worm books

worm kindle

worm printables

Earthworms Unit and Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Worm Coloring Pages - Coloring.ws

Worm Worksheets - Buglife

Worm Classification Cards 

Worm Coloring Pages and Worksheets - Worm Farming Revealed

Worm Journal Pages and Activities - Spell Out Loud

Worm Classification Picture Cards - Ellen J McHenry 

Earthworm Lapbook and Activities - Lapbook Lessons

Earthworms! Mini Science Project

$$$ - Earthworm Investigation Unit - Teachers Pay Teachers

$$$- Worm Nomenclature Cards

$$$ - From Currclick

Earthworm Mini Study

Earthworms! A Fun Study!

Earthworms - Speedy Lapbook

worm online

Worm Unit and Activities - STEM Mom

What Do Worms Like to Eat? - Education.com

Wiggly Worms - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling

JELL-O Worms - Squidoo

About Edible Worms - Squidoo

Diary of a Worm Lesson Ideas - Squidoo

Life Cycle of a Mealworm - Squidoo

Annelids Info - Squidoo

Earthworm Montessori Unit - Homeschool Den

National Geographic Kids

Worm Facts - The Adventures of Herman

Worm Activities and Crafts - No Time for Flashcards 

Worm Unit - No Doubt Learning

How Earthworms Work

Animal Planet

Discovery Kids

Worm Activities

Learn About Earthworms

Worm Crafts 

worm other

How I make worm pudding cups and worm cupcakes. (I wish I had taken a picture.)

Usually I make these every year for Halloween.

For the pudding cups-

JELL-O Cooked Pudding (I usually use 2 packages but there are 7 of us!)

1 Package of Oreos - crushed

2 Bags of Gummy Worms

Make the pudding as directed and poor into plastic cups.

Add the crushed Oreos on top.

Now add your worms. (If you want worms in with the pudding, mix them into the JELL-O)

For the cupcakes -

1 box of chocolate cake mix

1 container of icing

cupcake liners

2 packages of Gummy Worms

1 package of Oreos - crushed

Bake the cupcakes as directed.

When cooled, ice as usual then roll the tops in the crushed Oreos.

Take a straw and insert it into the middle of the cupcakes. This will remove a small section.

Poke a Gummy Worm into each hole.


Wild Science Worm Farm

Earthworm Life Cycle Stages

Worm Vue Wonders

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find more on worms. SIGH... Oh, well... Maybe I will make some more printables before we get to this theme. If I do, I will be sure to share them! :D


July 30, 2013

Pirate Unit Study with FREE Printables!

(graphic - The Graphics Fairy)

I am still planning away and I still have TONS to do. I have barely scratched the surface with Joshua and Deanna! YILES!!! Cailey's is maybe 1/4 done and Colin's is more than 1/2. With Colin I plan on using Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool for math and reading. For science, history, geography and animal studies, he will be following along with Cailey. 

After I get some more concrete ideas for Joshua and Deanna, I will share them here. Joshua is going into his senior year and Deanna is going into her junior year. My goodness!!! These kids grow up so fast!! MAKE THEM STOP!!!!

Here are the things I have found for a study of pirates. Most things are free and the books can be found at your local library or Amazon.

I try to provide resources for a variety of ages. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not! ;)

For this study I made some notebooking pages. All the graphics used were free. I used to make notebooking pages for the kids all the time but I sort of got away from it for a while.

My FREE  done

MY FREE NOTEBOOKING PAGES -  piratenotebooking2stacysewsandschools     AND    PirateNotebookingPagesStacySewsandSchools (some of the clip art comes from The Graphics Fairy)

BOOKS blog pic done

(the book covers are clickable links)

Kindle Books Blog pic done

(some are FREE)

Pirates books by Charles Rivers Editors - a large list of Kindle books about individual pirates

Printables blog pic done

MY FREE NOTEBOOKING PAGES -  piratenotebooking2stacysewsandschools     AND    PirateNotebookingPagesStacySewsandSchools (some of the clip art comes from The Graphics Fairy)

Pirates connections - Homeschool Share

Pirate Lapbook - Homeschool Creations

Pirate printables and crafts - DLTK-Kids

Pirate coloring pages - First-School

Pirate printables - Printactivities.com

Pirate printables - Making Learning Fun

Pirate printables - Busy Bee Kids Printables

Pirate printables -  2 Teaching Mommies

Pirate printables - Fleece Fun

Pirate coloring pages - Coloring.ws

Pirate printables - 1+1+1=1

Pirate unit study - The Home School Mom

Pirate coloring pages and crafts - Squidoo

Pirate lapbook and notebooking - Dynamic 2 Moms

Pirate Pre-K Pack - Over the Big Moon

Pirates coloring pages - Fantasy Jr.

Pirate coloring pages, crafts and lesson plans - Crayola

$$$ Pirate Lapbooks and Notepacks - Hands of a Child

$$$ From Currclick:

Pockets of Time - Pirates Past Noon

All Pirates: A Fun Study

Pirates Bundle

History Scribe - Age of Discovery

Pirate Tales

Online Resources blog pic done

(crafts, activities, info, games, fun links etc.)

Ahoy Mates! A Pirate Unit Study - Squidoo

How to make a treasure chest - Squidoo

Pirates Past Noon - Study Guide - Squidoo

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling


Craft Jr.


National Geographic

The Kid's Window


Lesson Pathways

Busy Bee Kids Crafts

Pirate Timeline

other ideas done

Hobby Lobby and The Dollar Tree often have pirate themed items very cheap!

Treasure Chest Cakes -   one     two   three

Pirate Costume DIY -   one   two   three

Pirate movies for kids -   Kids TV Movies     and     Common Sense Media

Upcoming units -


Simple Machines


And possibly some grammar printables

This was my first time making notebooking pages to share. I used to just make them one at a time... I hope it works out! LOL Let me know if there's a snag, please! :)