May 31, 2013

Stacy Had a Little Lamb

I have been sewing away!!! :) I am so excited to be apart of Sewing to Rebuild!!!

Here is what I have made so far.

Sewing to Rebuild 007

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this bag!! It has to be my favorite one that I have ever made (and I have made TONS)!!! I think it's the fabric. I need to try to find some more. This was donated (along with a bunch more) last year by a fabulous lady! ;) 2 of my good friends donated a lot last year to help out with Bags of Hope and Love. I haven't given up on that. I just need to settle in and see if I can find some people that are willing to help out with it. I could reach so many kids if I had just a few people willing to help out. ;)

Sewing to Rebuild 012

Here is my little lamb!!! This is the very first stuffed toy that I have ever made!! I LOVE IT!!!

I used this tutorial -

Little lambs from Molly’s Sketchbook 

I made a few minor changes.

1- I used fleece instead of felt. It is sooo sooo sooo soft. Now I need to buy more because the Cs both want one... LOL

2- I used the 4 leg pieces to make 4 legs instead of 2.

3- I added a little, bitty tail.

I am now in the middle of an outfit to go with this set. I decided to make shorts with a matching top. I am making the shorts the way I always make them but they are girl shorts so they aren't as long as I would make them for Colin. I realize yesterday that I have never made shorts for Cailey! LOL  I've made everything BUT shorts!! You can find the tutorial HERE. If you feel better using a pattern I suggest THIS ONE from Squiggly Twigs Designs. You might recognize the model at the top of the page. ;) There are also some free patterns on Pattern Revolution. I have never made any of those patterns so I can't say how easy they are.

HAVE FUN SEWING!!! I sure am! ;)

May 30, 2013

Sewing Clothes for Kids in Need

So here I am, touting the Sewing to Rebuild from Pattern Revolution, again... ;) Yesterday I shared some additional links for toys you can sew. There's a great list on Pattern Revolution, but I wanted people to see just how many different free patterns and tutorials are out there for you to choose from. ;)

Oh! Each of those links takes you to a different part of the Pattern Revolution blog. Check out all 3 links! ;) This last link will show you some of the things they have received so far! AWESOME!!!!!!

Now, on to the patterns and tutorials.

Of course, you are more than welcome to check out my tutorials.... ;) LOL

Some great resource sites are SewSet, Free Needle and All Free Sewing.

Shorts from ELOLEO (The page is in Dutch but Chrome will translate that for you.)

Puffed & Cuffed Shorts from Cass Can Sew

Wrap Skort from Our 3 Sons Plus 1


Dottie's Dress from The Sewing Rabbit

Herringbone shorts from CailaMade

Ruffle Clover - No Big Dill

Basic tee - Dana Made It

Junebug Dress Remix - Fil a l'agulla

Lined Tutorial

Lined Sandbox Pants - Siestas and Sewing

Snap shoulder raglan - Melly Sews

Ninja Turtle T-Shirt - Sewing Mama RaeAnna

Here is a list of tutorials from my friend over at Squiggly Twig Designs

Reversible Pants - Sew Easy Being Green

Pocket Capris - Elegance & Elephants

Skirted Pillowcase Romper tutorial - Create Kids Couture

Layers of Sunshine - iCandy Handmade

skort pattern and tutorial

Pleated skort - Blooms and Bugs


Spring Romper - Mama Bear Says

Racerback Dress - Crafterhours

90 Minute Shirt - Dana Made It

Reversible John-John - Growing Home

Sailor Dress - Me Sew Crazy

One Hour Sundress -From an Igloo

Put together by - Max California

Put together by - Max California

Max California 

Max California

Max California

Max California

Max California

SHEW!!! Well, there you go. Just about every tutorial I have ever seen.... LOL I would play around on the different blogs, if they have one tutorial, they probably have more. ;)


It's going to be soooooo hard to figure out what to sew first!!!!

May 29, 2013

Toys to Sew

 photo c7c2818e-7ebd-4a09-abb2-8924cdc85361.jpg

I have decided that I want to sew 6 bags and fill each of them with a sewn toy and at least one article of clothing. Wish me luck!! LOL

I am going to make the bags that I made for Bags of Hope and Love. I'll be making the drawstring bags for boys and totes for girls.

If you want to see my tutorial click HERE

I don't think I ever did a tutorial for the totes so I will be working on that. ;)

I have never sewn a toy..... But I am determined to make it work! ;) Pattern Revolution has some links to free patterns and tutorials but I found a TON on Pinterest!!!

Here are just some of them. ;)

Sock Kitty from P and E Cats

Super Hero Costumes from Twin Dragonfly Designs (it says no sew, but I would still sew them so they can be washed).

Alphabet in a Bag from Chez Beeper Bebe

Make a Horse from No Big Dill

Fleece owl pillow from Joann's (the link takes you to a PDF).

Squirrel from Matsutake

Bunny Pillow Made Using this Free Pillow Pattern

Bunny Pillow Pet from Sewing  

There are more free patterns and tutorials here if you explore the site.

Little lambs from Molly's Sketchbook 


A sweet little bunny from Allsorts

You can find 3 different bugs at Craft with Confidence 

Sewing: Puppy Plush Toy {Tutorial & Pattern}

Puppy from Craft Passion


Felted stuffed animals from Martha Stewart

You could always make these from old sweaters. ;)

Sock monkey and friend from A Beautiful Mess

Kitten of terry

Terry cat from Doll Maker 

Alligator from Sew 4 Home

I would check out All Free Sewing,  Sew Set and Free Needle they all have tons of links.

Hopefully you will find something that you would LOVE to make!!! :D

Have fun sewing!