February 28, 2013

Weather Unit Study

Weather Unit Study

I know, I know, another unit study. I promise that by Friday I will have my next sewing project up! It will my pattern remix of Me Sew Crazy's Spring Fever Pattern for Project Run & Play's Pattern Remix Party.

There are tons and tons of resources out there for weather units. It's almost overwhelming! Here are the ones I plan to chose from when we do our weather unit study.

Everything we use for our units can be found either FREE or cheap. ;)


When it comes to science kits my favorites always come from The Young Scientist Club or Magic School Bus.

Young Scientist Club kits 4 - 6 (you can opt for the monthly club but it is cheaper to buy 3 kits in one set on Amazon)


Adventure Science Series - Wacky Weather (Young Scientists Club)


There are quite a few Magic School Bus books on weather. We will definitely be using more than one! ;)

Twister on Tuesday (Magic Tree House, No. 23)

Magic Tree House - Twister on Tuesday

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #8: Twisters and Other Terrible Storms: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #23: Twister on Tuesday

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker - Twisters and Other Terrible Storms

Tornadoes!  (Scholastic Reader, Level 4)

Tornadoes! Scholastic Level 4 Reader

DK Eyewitness Books: Weather

DK Eyewitness Weather

Storms and Hurricanes (Usborne Understanding Geography)

Storms and Hurricanes 

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?: All About Weather (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)

Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?


What's the Weather Like Today?

What's the Weather Like Today? - FREE for Prime members

Hurricanes & Storms Unit Study

Hurricanes and Storms Unit Study - FREE for Prime members

National Geographic Readers: Storms!

National Geographic Kids Readers - Storms - this one is toss up of which would be cheaper, the Kindle edition or a used paperback

Weather Detectives, The

The Weather Detectives - $3.99


Clouds - FREE for Prime members - 99 cents

What Happens When it Snows: Three Snowy Stories for Kids

What Happens When It Snows - FREE for Prime members

Alert! Wild Weather (Spectrum® Readers)

Alert! Wild Weather - $1.99

FREE on We Give Books -

DK Eye Wonder Weather

The Snowy Day

DK Readers Twisters!

Groundhog Weather School


Here is where the list can get reallllllllly long!

Weather Words Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Tornado Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Hurricanes Unit Study and Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Weather Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

Weather Lapbooks - Weather, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes - Squidoo

Magic School Bus Based Weather Lapbooks - Yee Shall Know

Weather Project Pack - Hands of a Child - $7

Extreme Weather Project Pack - Hands of a Child - $9

Weather Unit - Living Life Intentionally

Weather Printables - Education.com

Weather Printables and Crafts - DLTK-Kids

Weather Printables - Scholastic

Weather Pages - School Express

Weather Theme - Make Learning Fun

Weather Printables - About.com

Weather Printables - Busy Bee Kids Printables

Weather Tracking Cards - Montessori Print Shop - FREE

Whatever the Weather - Teacher's Book Bag - Currclick - FREE

My Weather Journal - Teacher's Book Bag - Currclick - FREE

Science Scribe Weather - Currclick - 96 cents

Weather Folklore - Happy Scribe Copybook - Currclick - 96 cents

All About Weather - Simple Schooling - Currclick - 99 cents

Tornadoes & Thunderstorms - Simple Schooling - Currclick - $1.99


Montessori Inspired Weather Unit  - Living Montessori NOW

Weather Crafts and Lesson Plans - Crayola

The Weather Channel Kids

How Clouds Work

Pine Cone Weather Station

Weather Related Science Projects - Squidoo

Weather Wiz Kids

Fun Weather Facts for Kids - over on the right side you will find more weather facts links

Discovery Kids - Weather

Weather for Kids! - NOAA

Weather Experiments - Steve Spangler

Books About Weather - No Time for Flash Cards

Weather Crafts - No Time for Flash Cards


Schoolhouse Rock - Greatest Show on Earth


Weather for Kids - Part 1


The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm

There are other Magic School Bus Videos, just do a search! ;)

As always, Discovery Streaming has tons of videos for weather. Just search for it! ;)

Hope you enjoy the weather resources! :D

February 26, 2013

SEW Excited! Another Pattern Remix and Other Cool Stuff!

Project Run & Play is doing another pattern remix challenge!! YIPPPEE!! The pattern is from Me Sew Crazy.

I can't wait to get started on it!!! I have so many ideas floating around in my head!! I was thinking that I wouldn't have time to try it out but I just got confirmation YESTERDAY from Joann's about the fabric I ordered. GRRRR! I ordered it LAST WEEK!! It's for the outfit my cousin Sandra (Rivas & Co.) hired me to make.

ANYWAY, I have tons of ideas for this remix!! Now, I just have to get started! ;)

In other "exciting" news, our owl pellets arrived yesterday! YAY!!!!

Owl Pellets (Set of 5)

You get 5 for $9.95 and they come with a little pamphlet about barn owls. The pamphlet shows the different types of animals that barn owls eat and what those animals' bones look like. Not bad for $10.  Our fake pellets from Hobby Lobby were more than that and we only got 2 (maybe 3).

We have A LOT of hands on stuff going on this week. We started owls, Spain, vikings AND rocks and minerals yesterday.

Young Scientist Series - Set 3:   Minerals (Kit 7) -  Crystal (Kit 8) - Fossils (Kit 9)

We will be using the minerals (kit 7) and the crystals (kit 8) from The Young Scientist Club.  We USED to get the monthly subscription until I realized that buying them from Amazon was MUCH cheaper. The monthly subscription is about $17 a month and you only get 1 kit where as at Amazon you can get 3 kits in one set for $24.97. Doesn't take rocket science to figure that one out!

Yesterday Cailey was sick ( fever, sore throat and a headache) so we took it easy. She basically just watched videos on Discovery Streaming.  Speaking of Discovery Streaming, some states provide free access for homeschoolers!! It is SOOOOOOO very awesome! Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina are the 3 I heard about. In Georgia, we access it through our PBS website.  You e-mail the education department and provide your DOI (Declaration of Intent). They will then email you with your user name and password. I have to say, if we ever move to a state where it isn't free, I might just have to suck it up and pay for it. It is SUCH an awesome resource. Cailey watched Jeff Corwin in Spain, a video introducing the rock cycle, a video about vikings AND one about owls! On YouTube she watched Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication and Schoolhouse Rock Grammar. After that she read a couple chapters in The Hundred Dresses, copied her spelling words and called it a day. ;)

BUT today I promised that we would dive into the owl pellets and science kits. Colin was begging to get into them last night! LOL

It just occurred to me that I never write about what the big kids do for school. I guess because I no longer create the units for them. :/ I will start adding their stuff, too! Homeschooling high school can be so intimidating but it isn't really much different than the younger years. ;)

February 24, 2013

Ireland and St Patrick Unit Study

I plan on starting an Ireland/St. Patrick unit the week before St. Patrick's Day and continuing the week after.

All the resources I use are either free or cheap.

The one thing I use for country studies that isn't free or very cheap is Little Passports. Also, when we lived in Virginia I would run out to World Market and grab things from the country we were going to study next. I MISS THAT!!!!


Magic Tree House Research Guide - Leprechauns and Irish Folklore (I like these even more than the regular Magic Tree House books! LOL)

Magic Tree House - Leprechauns in Late Winter

Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk 

Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato

Tales From Celtic Lands Hc W 2 Cds

Tales from Celtic Lands

Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

This Is Ireland

Maps to Color and Learn - Europe

Maps to Color & Learn – Europe


The Eyewitness Atlas of the World

The Kingfisher Young People's Atlas of the World

The Kingfisher Young People’s Atlas of the World

Kindle and Online Books - 

8 Fun St. Patrick's Day Stories for 4 - 8 Year Olds - Free for Prime members

Bella Sue and the St. Patrick's Day Hullabaloo - 99 cents or free for Prime members

Ireland- Our Island Story - $3.99

St. Patrick's Day (All About Holidays) - $5.69

Ireland - Planet Collection - Free for Prime - $2.99

Printables - 

Ireland Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Ireland Lapbook - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

St. Patrick's Day Lapbook - Squidoo

St Patrick's Day Lapbook - Homeschool Helper Online

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning Unit Study - Homeschool Share

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages and Books - Squidoo

Celtic Design Coloring Pages and Books - Squidoo

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages - 3 Boys and a Dog

Ireland Mini Report - Classroom Freebies

St. Patrick's Day Dot Marker Pages - Free Homeschool Deals and 3 Dinosaurs

St. Patrick's Day Pack - 3 Dinosaurs

St. Patrick's Day Pre-K Pack - Over the Big Moon

Ireland Flag and Map Coloring Page - Crayola

Ireland and St. Patrick Printables - Education.com

Ireland and St. Patrick Printables and Activities - Activity Village

Ireland and St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Printables - DLTK

Expedition Ireland - Amanda Bennett Download & Go - $8.95

St. Patrick's Day Project Pack - Hands of a Child - $8

Ireland - Countries of the World Activities and Copywork - Currclick - $2

Online Resources - 

St. Patrick's Day Activities - 3 Boys and a Dog

St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities - Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Potato People Craft - Buggy and Buddy

How St. Patrick's Day Works - How Stuff Works

Blarney Castle Virtual Tour

Learn about Shamrocks 

Listen to some Celtic music - YouTube

Discover Ireland - YouTube

Story of St. Patrick - YouTube

Ireland - National Geographic Kids

Irish Recipes

SHEW!! What a list!!! LOL

I hope this helps as you study Ireland and St. Patrick! :)

February 23, 2013

Tee to Short-all Refashion Tutorial

Tee to Short-all 1

My cousin, Sandra (Rivas & Co.) is my newest client! YAY!!! She bought a t-shirt for Liam in the smallest size available (about a child's 6/7) but it was way too big (Liam is 15 months old)! What to do, what to do??? AH HA! Make it a short-all! So she gave me a call and asked if I could do it. SURE! :)

What I Used


6 size 16 snaps (7/16 ")

navy thread

Step 1 -

Tee to Short-all 2

Cut out a section at the bottom of the tee to make the legs.

HINT - if you want snaps in the crotch, DO NOT cut this big of a section out..... Learn from MY mistakes. ;) I would just cut it straight and then fold and press.

Also, if you aren't concerned about the neck and arm holes being too big, you can simply add the snaps to the crotch and be done! ;)

Step 2 -

Tee to Short-all 3

I took my BFF, the seam ripper, and took the binding off of the arm holes.

HINT- If you aren't concerned about the arms being too big you can skip that part. Especially if you are putting the snaps in the crotch. ;)

Step 3 -

Tee to Short-all 4

Cut a tad off the sides to create your new arm holes.

Step 4 -

Tee to Short-all 6

Take your trusty seam ripper and pick apart the shoulders. Then fold over 1" , press and top stitch.

Add your snaps!

This will also make the neck smaller. ;)

Step 5  - 

Tee to Short-all 8

Stitch the ends in place.

Step 6 -

Tee to Short-all 12

Pin and stitch the inseam.

Step 7 - 

Tee to Short-all 16

Pin the binding back on the arm holes and stitch in place.

NOTE - My machine was not being well behaved and kept chewing up the binding, so I just folded the edges of the arm holes over and stitched in place.  Ever since I had to get a new presser foot my machine has been touchy. :/

Step 8 -

Tee to Short-all 18

Pin and stitch the side seam.

You are ALLLLLL done! :D

Tee to Short-all 22

Now my little cousin Liam has a new short-all with his daddy's ship on it! YAY!!!!!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to use the Contact Me button at the top of the page and shoot me an e-mail! :)