April 30, 2013

A Day at the Fair .... Sort of......

World's Fair Park 020

In our quest to do all things free in Knoxville while trying to keep the cabin fever at bay, we went to the World's Fair Park yesterday. We started out TRYING to go to the McClung museum on the UT campus.... Yeah, THAT was an experience! We couldn't find parking ANYWHERE!! Well, there was that one parking lot about 5 blocks from the museum but there was no way I was going to get the kids to hike 5 blocks and then walk through the whole museum.... LOL Soooo, we decided to hit the World's Fair Park. :)

World's Fair Park 006

We went up to the observation deck in the Sunsphere. Some of us thought that was really cool and others (Joshua and Deanna) were freaked out by being that high in the air.... Now, these are the kids that rode every roller coaster Kings Dominion has to offer, but are afraid of the Sunsphere..... I don't get it. LOL

World's Fair Park 011 World's Fair Park 012 World's Fair Park 017

Views of the park from the observation deck.

World's Fair Park 021

Oh, look!! It's a picture of Deanna!! Hee hee hee hee! ;)

World's Fair Park 052 World's Fair Park 053 World's Fair Park 058

The park also has a nice playground that the kids enjoyed. Even Deanna. ;)

World's Fair Park 063

As the day wore on it got quite warm! The only thing to do was to hit the fountains! LOL

But remember!

World's Fair Park 008

There's another aspect to the park that I will be talking about tomorrow. I think it warrants its own post.

We are SUPPOSED to hear something about the house today! Wish us luck!!!

April 25, 2013

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever, we have it!!!!

They still haven't moved our 2nd room closer to this one. Apparently they only have so many double rooms. SIGH..... At least there's an elevator. LOL

Here are some of the things we have done this week to try to keep the cabin fever at bay!

Park April 2013

On Tuesday we went to a park that is near the house we are trying to get. We put in an application yesterday. Wish us luck!!!!!

This park was great. Not only did it have a great playground, it also had these huge rocks to climb all over. Better still, the park is right beside a library and a recreation center!! WOOO HOOO!!!!

Art Museum  010 Art Museum 002

This morning we went to the art museum. Like Richmond's, it was free. Unlike Richmond's, it was TINY!!! They have none of the masters but they still had some lovely pieces.

Art Museum 025

After the art museum we went across the street to a very cool park. It is one of the largest wooden parks that I have ever seen! Even the big kids got into it! LOL ;)

I think we are in for it this weekend, though.... Hopefully we can keep finding new stuff to do to keep from going completely stark, raving mad!!! LOL  There's only so much TV the kids can watch (especially with only PBS and Cartoon Network) and only so many video games they can play.... They kept out the 2 DSs, 1 PS3, 1 PS2 and the PSP. Right now one is playing PS2 down in the 2nd room while one is reading, 1 is playing a Legos game on my iPhone and the other is playing a spelling game on my Nook in this room! LOL  I don't know WHAT we would do without all of the gadgets!! I brought a crate of books for myself! ;) Too bad we only have the one laptop. There's always a scuffle over it!

We are still doing some school work and Deanna admitted to me today that she is glad of it, it's something else to DO! LOL

April 22, 2013

6 People, 3 Cats, 10 Kittens and a Dog

SHEW!! We made it to Tennessee... 6 people, 3 cats, 10 kittens and a dog... Sounds like the start of a joke! Well, we are talking about MY life so joke fits!! LOL

Seriously, 2 days, 400+ miles all while crammed into a van, it's a wonder ANY of us are still sane!!!

BUT we're not done!!! LOL Ooooh, noooo!!!!

We stopped over night in Columbia on Friday and got to see my aunt and uncle. We stayed in one hotel room for all 6 of us (plus animals). We slept 3 to a bed. YILES!!!!

BUT wait, we're not done yet!!!!!

Saturday night we stayed at a hotel with adjoining rooms. MUCH MUCH MUCH better!


Tonight (Sunday night) we are staying at an extended stay hotel. It's nice enough. It has a kitchenette...


The owner of the company ordered the rooms online. They are NOT adjoining!! They aren't even on the SAME FLOOR!!!!! YILES!!!!

AND there are only 2 TWIN beds to a room....

We were promised that as soon as 2 rooms beside each open up then we will be moved. As of now we have to split everyone up.


AND there is no hope of bigger beds. They only have TWIN beds!!!

We are here until we find a house! SIGH.....


Pray for me, people!! I am going to need it!!!

Pray that we find a house QUICKLY!!!!!

At least I ought to have plenty of material for next month's Fly on the Wall!!!  LOL

April 21, 2013

Birds Animal Study

Here's a little animal study for you! I hope it's helpful! :)



That is the free version. The other versions have wonderful illustrations.


Birds Lapbooks, FFGs, etc - Homeschool Share

Bird Notebooking Pages - HS Launch

Bird Lapbook - Squidoo

Bird Coloring Pages - Squidoo

Bird Worksheets - Education.com

Bird Crafts - DLTK-Kids

Bird Coloring Pages - Coloring.ws

Bird Printables - First-School

Printable Bird Cards for Burgess Bird Book for Children - That Resource Site

Printable Bird Cards - Tired, Need Sleep

Bird Printables - Montessori Materials (scroll down towards the bottom)

Bird Beaks and Feet Printables - Biology Corner

Bird Lesson Plans and Printouts - The Teacher's Guide

Bird Printables - abc Teach

Bird Preschool Pack - Homeschool Creations

Bird Printables - Busy Bee Kids Printables

Cornell Birds Coloring Book

Bird Pack - 3 Dinosaurs

Robin Lapbook - Dynamic 2 Moms (scroll down)

Printable Bird Journal - New Bee Homeschooler

Parts of a Bird Diagram 

Baby Birds Preschool Pack - Our Little Monkeys

Bird Observation Page - Notebooking Fairy

Bird Diagram Puzzle - The Adventures of Bear

Nature Study - Birds - Notebooking Pages - Currclick - FREE

Happy Scribe Copybook - Wild Birds - Currclick - 90 cents

Happy Scribe Copybooks - Backyard Birds - Currclick - 90 cents

Parts of  Birds Cards - Montessori Services - $1.75

Bird Unit Study - Currclick - $3

Bird Lapbook - Hands of a Child - $6


Hands on Bird Activities - Squidoo

Bird Unit Study - Squidoo

Who Laid THAT Egg? - Squidoo

Birds & Beaks - Squidoo

All About Birds - Kid Zone

Montessori Inspired Bird Unit - Living Montessori Now (I LOVE this site!!) (Lots of printables, too)

Bird Crafts - All Kids Network

Bird Biology Quiz - Biology Corner

Bird Info - Biology Corner

Learning About Birds - Spell Out Loud

Bird Unit Study Resources - Kathy's Cluttered Mind

Bird Virtual Field Trip


Life of Birds - PBS


Amazing World of Birds

Sign Up for Bird Cams (free)

Bird Cams




Have fun!!! :D

April 20, 2013

Flight / Aviation Unit Study

This was an interesting unit to put together. There really wasn't a lot of printables that I could find. I am thinking of making my own when we do this theme. If I do, I will put them on Google Docs and share them with you. ;) It has been quite a while since I made my own notebooking pages and minibooks! LOL

I hope that what I did find will be useful to you! :)

As with all my units, I try to incorporate resources for a variety of ages!

Everything is either free or cheap! ;) The books can be found at your local library or on Amazon.


Magic School Bus - Soaring into Flight - Amazon - $13.79

Young Scientist Kit - Flight - $16.77

I have used kits from both sets. I like them both but prefer the Magic School Bus kits. You get more for your money with them.

The Young Scientist sets have 3 different subjects to a kit if you order them from Amazon. I used to belong to the monthly club until I figured out it was MUCH cheaper to buy them from Amazon. ;)




Airplane Parts Printable

Airplane Printables and Activities

Airplane Parts Cards

Printable Airplane Craft - Learn Create Love

Airplane Coloring Pages - Raising Our Kids

Flight Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Flight Activities and Printables 

Flight Activities, Lesson Plans and Printables

Flight Worksheets

Flight Lesson Plans

Airplane Parts Worksheet

Flight Printables - HS Launch

Leonardo da Vinci: Flight Mini Unit Study - Currclick - $1.50

The Wright Brothers & The History of Aviation Unit Study - Currclick -  $3.50

Airplanes Lapbook - Hands of a Child - $9

Flying the Skies Lapbook - Hands of a Child - $5


Crossing the Atlantic by Air

How Airplanes Work

Airplane Cockpit Virtual Field Trips

Flying Machines


Flight Aerodynamics Video

Aerodynamics Info

Flight - Science Kids at Home

Flight and Airplanes - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling

Aviation for Kids

Fun Paper Airplanes

Aviation Lesson Plans, Activities and Ideas

How Things Fly

Stories of the Wrights' Flights 

Aviation Activities 

Flight - Cyber Sleuth Kids

Aviation Unit Study - Easy Fun School

History and Forces of Flight - Squidoo


I hope you find this helpful.