September 30, 2012

Ghostly Giggles Skirt Tutorial

I finished the skirt! YAY!!! It was actually fairly fast... I started it the day we left for Georgia and didn't touch again until today. ;)

What I used:

1 package of Casper the Friendly Ghost fat quarters

3/4" elastic

Step 1 -

I cut each fat quarter into thirds, they were 7" wide. Then I cut 3" off the bottoms.

Step 2-

I took 6 of the 7" strips and sewed them together for the top tier of the skirt.

Then I took 12 of the 7" strips and sewed them together for the bottom tier.

Usually a pack of fat quarters will have more of 2 designs than the others and one fat quarter all by itself.

Step 3-

Next, I sewed 2 lines of gathering stitches. On my machine I set both stitch settings to the largest settings. Then, pull gently on the bottom threads to create your gathers.

Step 4-

Remove the cat from the fabric. SIGH.............

Step 5-

Now, pin the bottom of your top tier to the top of the bottom tier with right sides together, adjusting the gathers as needed.

Then sew the tiers together!

Step 6-

Next, pin up the sides of the skirt and sew the back seam!

Step 7-

Fold over the top 1/2" and press. Fold over 1", press and pin. Then sew your elastic casing for the waist band, making sure to leave an opening for the elastic!

Step 8-

Now, cut your elastic to your child's waist measurement -1".

Then, safety pin both ends of the elastic and either hold tightly to both ends or pin one end to yourself.  Insert the elastic through the opening.

Next, sew the opening closed!

Step 9-

Now, fold up the bottom of the skirt 1/2" and press. Fold up 1", press and pin. Next sew your hem!!!

Now you are ALLLLLL done!! YAY!!!!! You could always add a ruffle to the bottom if you'd like. :)

As always, I would love to hear what you think about the tutorial! Was it clear and easy to follow??? And definitely let me know if you decide to make one! I would love to see it!!!

September 29, 2012

Georgia on My Mind

We are home. My goodness what a trip. Down and back in less than 36 hours.... We got in around midnight after leaving at 6 pm Thursday. I hate marathon driving. I was so stiff and sore after getting out of the van. My hands were almost in a permanent claw from gripping the steering wheel for so long! LOL

The job interview went extremely well. They reallllly want The Hubby to sign on with them. They didn't talk numbers, though... They want  The Hubby to give THEM a figure.... So, right now The Hubby is thinking about it all. He did let them know that we would need them to pay for relocation.

He still has another offer from a different company also in GA. This one is more in the Atlanta area. The Hubby really likes the guy that he has been talking to from that company. But he isn't sure that he would love that job. BUT we do know that they were offering at least $75,000 a year for that one. Definitely something to consider!

It's just all up in the air. I keep praying for Him to show me His will. That's all I know to do. Pray for His wisdom to show us the way and help us make the right choice.

Here are some pictures that I took during the trip. As usually Deanna wouldn't let herself be photographed. :/ Both of the older boys stayed here. I was a little nervous about leaving them but since they are 19 and 16 AND we weren't going to be gone long, I figured it could be a learning opportunity... LOL

I do have some sewing going on. Right now I have an almost finished Halloween skirt for Cailey out of Casper fat quarters (there will be a tutorial for that). Then I will be making the Snoopy costume for my friend's son. Then I will be making costumes for the Cs. THEN I want to make this-


McCall's M6387

out of these fabrics-

What do you think????

Then it will be time to start on Thanksgiving and Christmas themed things.... And a few presents.... ;)

September 28, 2012

Way Down South

Well, we are in Georgia. We just got settled into the hotel. So far I really like it. Spanish moss hanging from live oaks, palm trees.... Yep, I like it.

I did NOT like the ginormous chemical plant we passed, though... BLECK! STINKY! And we could smell it from outside the hotel room last night.

I got a couple of pictures from the beginning of the trip when everyone was still awake and the travel centers were still open.... LOL  I am hoping to get MUCH better pictures today!

The Hubby is off at his interview. I hope it goes well.

The kids are still asleep. We have until 11 to check out, so I think I will let them sleep as long as they want to! ;)

I am looking forward to seeing more of the town today. It was soooo late when we finally got here!! It's a small town. I think the website said 13,000 people. We also have 2 houses that we are planning on checking out today.

OH!! The Hubby was THRILLED last night when we saw a Krystals the next town over! I know we will be stopping there at some point today! YUCK!!! I have never been a fan. Maybe you had to grow up around them?? An acquired taste???

OH!! While I'm thinking about it, have any of you ever been to South of the Border??? I remember driving past it a ton when I was a kid. I always wanted to stop but we never did. :( We passed it last night and I STILL want to go! LOL  Oh, man... I just looked at their site.. Now I REALLLLLLLLY REALLLLLLLY want to go! LOL

I'm wearing my Hocus Pocus skirt today! :) It's soooo comfy! I am very glad I packed it because OMGOSH! It's going to be 90 today!!!!! Yep, I'm in the deep south, all right..... SIGH.....

Oh, great. I see that we might have rain for the return trip. We definitely need to leave earlier today to head home. I do not want to be driving that late on little sleep.


Have a great day everyone!!! We will be checking things out here in south Georgia and leaning on God's will. I wonder what He may have in store for us.

September 26, 2012

The Hocus Pocus Skirt Tutorial

Here is it! My Big Idea... LOL I like it... It didn't turn out EXACTLY how I wanted it to, but I'm satisfied... There is one part that I will probably go back and change, though.... I was trying to go for a multi-layer effect so instead of sewing the lace ON TOP of the underskirt hem, I sewed it to the back... I think I am going to grab my BFF , Sally the Seam Ripper, and go back and do that part over. It would look much nicer that way, I think....

Anyway! Here we go!

What I used-

2 yards of print for the upper skirt

2 yards of solid for the under skirt

1 old lace curtain LOL

2 old lace valances LOL

1" elastic

I got some new curtains for the dining/sewing room/library and I have been storing the old lace ones in the linen closest. LOL

Step 1 -

OK, let me first explain about my short legs... They are Hobbit short, people... Seriously. Actually, I have Hobbit feet, too, just minus all the yucky foot hair.... LOL  Anyway, I cut the upper skirt at 23". LOL S

So, cut 2 pieces, each the width of the fabric.

When you cut, make a curve at the bottom, like in the picture below.

Step 2-

I cut the underskirt at 27". Cut 2 pieces, the width of the fabric and with a curve.

Step 3 -

I cut 6 1/2 " off both sides of the curtains. You will need to cut the lace the width of the skirt fabric. So, you will also have 2 sections of lace.

Step 4-

Next, I cut the ruffles off both valances.  I left about 3" of the plain lace above the ruffles.

Step 5-

Sew one end of the lace strips together.  Set aside.

Step 6-

Now, right sides together, sew ONE side of the underskirt together.

I promise that I ironed that fabric.. LOL I ironed and ironed and ironed and that is just as good as it would get. LOL But, really, I think it's fitting for a Halloween skirt. LOL

Step 7-

Now, roll up 3/4" of the bottom of the underskirt and press. The roll up 1", press and sew your hem.

It would look MUCH better if you have brown thread... LOL I don't. I probably should have used black instead of white, though.... ;)

Learn from my goof ups! ;)

Step 8-

Now, fold the 2 0r 3" that you left above the ruffle over the lace strip, pin and sew together.

Step 9-

On this part, if I were you, I would pin the ruffle OVER the hem of the underskirt and attach it there, instead of behind.... Again, learn from my many mistakes! LOL ;)

Set this aside.

Step 10-

Right sides together, pin and sew up ONE side of the overskirt.

Step 11-

Fold up 3/4"  of the bottom of the overskirt and press. Fold up 1", press, pin and sew the hem.

This probably would have looked better with the black thread, too... SIGH... Live and learn. Or better yet, SEW and learn! LOL

Step 12-

Pin the right side of the underskirt to the wrong side of the upperskirt and sew them together with a finishing stitch. (zigzag, overlock)

Step 13-

Pin the sides of the overskirt together and sew the side seam. Do the same to the underskirt.

Step 14-

Fold over the top 1 1/2" , press, pin and sew the elastic casing making sure to leave an opening to insert the elastic through. ;)

Step 15-

Pin a safety pin to both ends of the elastic and insert the elastic into the casing.

Step 16-

Sew the ends of the elastic together using a zigzag stitch.

Now, sew your casing closed!

ALL DONE!!!!! :)

Here's a close up of the bottom! :)

Please, let me know what you think about this tutorial. If you make the skirt PLEASE let me know!!!!! :)

I may be a little quiet the next few days. We are going to be leaving to go to Georgia so The Hubby can check out at least one job, possibly two!!!

September 24, 2012

A New Idea

I have an idea that started floating around in my head today. I am SO excited about it!!! It involves this-

And this -

Intrigued?? Well, you are going to have to wait a day or two. ;) But I will hopefully be posting a new tutorial in a couple of days. :) Be prepared for something Halloweeny! LOL

I have been ironing like crazy today!! My goodness! I finished a couple of presents for a friend. I wish I could share the pictures but she just might stumble onto them... LOL

I have to say, I LOVE my iron! LOL Check out this picture!!!!

Crazy, huh??? Oh my goodness! It took me FOREVER to get all the wrinkles out!!

Let's see if I can get this to work. I LOVE this song. It has been playing in my head all day. I remember one of the first cassettes I owned was Amy Grant. Such a sweet and beautiful voice!

Hmmmm... that doesn't look promising.. I hope it shows up. :/ ANYWAY, just in case, it's El Shaddai. Beautiful song.

Thy Word

I hope these songs bless you! :)

These songs almost make me want to get up and sing a solo! ALMOST!! LOL It's been MANY MANY MANY years since I was brave enough to do that!! LOL But God says to make a joyful noise... I guess that's what you could call my singing! LOL ;)

Have a wonderful and blessed night!!!