About Me

 I am a homeschooling mom of 5  (Jacob 21, Joshua 19, Deanna 18 , Cailey 10, and Colin 7 ). We have been homeschooling since January 2007!! I love it so much!! I wish we had always homeschooled!! 

I am a DIY eclectic homeschooler. I like to make my own units and share them with you! Nothing like the freedom of doing things your own way and letting the kids help make the decisions about their education.

I started sewing in March of 2012 after receiving my first sewing machine for my Birthday! It is such a creative outlet and stress reliever for me. 
I love making my own patterns and figuring out new ways to do things. 

I read all different genres but non-fiction is my least favorite.  I have a HUGE personal library (like over 2000 titles). Actually, I am trying to thin out my collection a bit. All that moving has nearly done me in!! Let's hear it for ebooks!!

I love to sew and read. Books and fabric are my 2 biggest vices!! 

I was born in WV but I have lived in 6 different states. I went to 11 different schools from K to 12. That doesn't count moving back and forth between the same schools. I can’t count the number of times I have moved! No, not military, maybe just a bit of a gypsy. 

I LOVE old movies. Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Doris Day, Ginger Rogers. And all those classic screwball comedies!!!

I love all genres of music. Seriously! I love opera, classical, rock, country, rap, pop. You name it and I will listen to it.

I am a Harry Potter FREAK!! I have a decent sized collection of HP stuff. I need to take pics of it! :)

I am a bit of an Anglophile. I love Sherlock, Dr. Who, Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey. 

I tend to be a bit of a free spirit and march to the beat of my own drum and I like it that way. ;)

That’s a little bit about me! I hope you stick around and check things out!


  1. Hi Stacy! I stumbled upon your blog while googling gingerbread fabric-lol! I stopped to read about your life, and I am flabbergasted how our lives are so similar! I too sew and homeschool! Not quite what fits the mold among my peers, but I love what I do! My name is Sally, I own my own home sewing business, SeeSalSew, LLC, and I am on Etsy. Are you on Etsy? My husband and I have 2 children, ages 14 and 13 (teen years are turning me gray!). This is our 10th year of homeschooling. My son just started 9th grade high school this year, and what a transition in material! I actually didn't know I could sew until 2010 when my daughter's theater school needed help with costumes, and then whamo!, I haven't stopped since. I live in Maryland, where do you live? I would love to chat sometime. I wasn't sure how to privately send an email, so I thought I would try to reach you through the comment section. I will glance around your blog some more, and if you would like to message me: swhit@verizon.net. Take Care! Sally

    1. Hi, Sally!! Nice to "meet" ya! :D
      I know exactly what you mean about loving what you do! Same here! I wouldn't want it any other way! ;)
      Teen years!!! YILES!! So scary!!!
      I'm not on Etsy but I am planning on it in the future!
      I will definitely be emailing you for a chat!!! :D


  2. Hi Stacy!! i also stumbled across your site and i like it very much. God Bless you your family and keep up the good work with the kids!!...................................xo..Leslie

    1. Thank you so much, Leslie!!!
      God bless you and yours as well!!! :D


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