November 15, 2013

Secret Subject Swap - November

Welcome to the 26th Secret Subject Swap. This week 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is -

Find the craziest pumpkin recipe you can online and make it.  Blog it and give us pictures.

It was submitted by:

Soooo, let me start off by saying this - we are moving again. SIGH............. Today as a matter of fact. It was a very quick thing and we will be moving into temporary housing. It's not easy to find a house big enough for 8 and we just didn't have enough time. Soooo, most of my stuff is going into storage. All my books, the kids' books, my sewing stuff, etc. The good stuff! LOL

Anyway, I can't really say when I will be back to blogging full time. I just won't have the resources at my disposal that I normally would.

Now, on to the SSS!!!

I know that I was supposed to find a recipe, make it and blog it. Unfortunately with all the madness around me with this move , I didn't get this done. So, instead I thought I would give you tons of unique pumpkin recipes that you can try yourself. Not quite the same, I know, but work with me here. LOL

Pumpkin Pickles from Reader's Digest - DEFINITELY out there...

Pumpkin Lasagna from Delish

Southwestern Pumpkin Burgers from Kitchen Daily 

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese from Better Homes and Gardens

Pumpkin Pineapple Cocktail from Cookie & Kate - maybe a few of these will help me get through the move?????

So, there ya go! Not what I was asked to do, but I hope it's OK.

Pray for my sanity, people. I'm going to need it. I miss creating and blogging! They are my outlets during all the craziness of life.


  1. Wow, I knew you were moving but I didn't realize it was this quickly. Hope all goes well.
    I think you found the perfect solution for your prompt considering you couldn't actually bake anything in the midst of your packing. Love that you included a cocktail recipe, of course!

  2. Thank you!! Yeah, I think I need a few of those today. YILES!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish us luck!!!!

  3. HUGS for the craziness!! I think the recipes were the perfect solution...I may need to go shopping at the liquor store, lol!

  4. It's good to see you in my inbox! I miss all of your blog posts! Where are you moving to this time? And.... 8 people? Last count I thought it was 7!

  5. Moving sucks. Especially when some of your stuff has to go into storage. Been there,
    done that, I had the t-shirt but it's in storage somewhere.

    I looked at the recipes. Just reading them made me tired.

  6. Lol!!!! Let me know how it turns out! And maybe bring me some ;)

  7. We picked up an extra kid along the way. Lol we are moving just west of Nashville.

  8. Ugh, moving bites! Sorry you have the added of stress of a time crunch and not having all of your stuff :( But if anyone is understanding, it's the groups of SSS bloggers! The fact that you even found and posted all of those crazy links is more than I would've been able to handle! Keep your head up mama :)

  9. Thank you soooo much!!!! You are too sweet!!


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