August 27, 2014

Starting a New School Year

Well, it's that time of year again! YIPPEE!!! Yes, I am very excited for another year of homeschooling. I love it SO MUCH!!!!

This year I am very behind schedule. YILES!!! Usually by this time I have everything for the first few weeks printed and ready, or at the very least planned out some. Not this year...... 

We have all of our supplies and I know what we'll be doing for most things but I'm not entirely prepared yet. 

For the first 2 or 3 weeks we will be studying Leonardo da Vinci for history, science and art. Don't you love when you can combine subjects like that?? Makes things so much easier. ;)

I'll be posting a list of resources for da Vinci in a day or 2. I found some really great resources! 

After that we will take on the Renaissance and Reformation. 

We are joining 2 different co-ops this year. One is very relaxed and is more about getting together and having fun (I think I posted pics of our bubble fun). The other offers 2 classes that Cailey and Colin will be taking. The first class is Art and Architecture. The other will be geography. 

I'll slowly be adding posts for resources for unit studies as Cailey and Colin choose themes. As always, Friday posts will be dedicated to the blog challenges I do and Saturdays should return to week in review posts. 

As for sewing, hopefully I'll be getting some of that done, too!! I miss my machine!! This week (or next) I'll be making Cailey and Colin a couple of bags to carry their supplies to their co-op classes. OH!! I should have some pics of my cute no-sew valances that I made for the homeschool/sewing room to show you! You're going to love the printed burlap! ;) 

I also have some Fall sewing that I want to get started on. Cailey has decided to be Anna from Frozen for Halloween!  Colin still hasn't completely decided yet.

On a homeschooling note.... It never fails to amaze me that there are people in this county that are still trying to discourage new homeschoolers. ARGH!!!! Years ago when I pulled my kids out of public school it was in this same county. I had ALL KINDS of issues. It was ridiculous. Once "they" realized that I knew the laws backwards and forwards, they backed off but not before making things much more difficult than they had to be. Jump forward 7 1/2 years and there are new people in charge but they are playing the same old game of intimidation. Once again after showing my knowledge of the homeschool laws and making phone calls, I received my compliance letter. GOOD GRIEF!!! It should have been a simple matter of them reading my Notice of Intent and sending my compliance letter. But noooooo! They had to try asking for things that by law they do not need nor have the right to ask for.

ANYWAY, it looks like we will be very busy!!!


  1. It always amazes me how, ESPECIALLY in a school system, people get a little power and they use it to be abusive and difficult towards others. Don't they realize that the example they're setting is that of a bully?

    1. Exactly! It's terrible! Especially when they KNOW they are in the wrong, they are just hoping you don't know it. It's funny how the attitude changes once they know YOU know.

  2. I feel bad for those that DON'T know. I want to see those valances! My mom and I are sharing a sewing machine right makes things interesting, lol!

    1. I know! It kills me!! The word gets spread through the grapevine but most new homeschoolers aren't a part of it yet. I wish I knew what I could do!


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