November 18, 2014

Blog with Friends - Fun and Reversible Table Decor

Welcome to another edition of Blog with Friends!
This month we have 7 bloggers that have signed up to bring you some Thanksgiving fun! Look for all of them at the bottom of this post!

Thanksgiving Blog With Friends | Stacy Sews and Schools

When I started thinking about my Blog with Friends project I knew I wanted it to be something a little different. We've all seen all the tutorials for table runners, aprons, kitchen towels, oven mitts, etc. (that doesn't mean that I might not put my own spin on one of them one day soon) and I wanted something that I haven't seen before. That got me to thinking about circular decor items. I haven't seen anything like that except for knitted or crocheted items. Why not try sewing something circular! 

So here you have it! The Fun and Reversible Table Decor! I didn't want to call it a runner since it doesn't run down the table and I didn't want to call it a mat, that sounds too boring. So I asked my Blog with Friends friends and that is the name we came up.

This is SO easy and SO fast. I think it took all of 20 minutes to make.

STEP 1 -

Fold your fabric in half and then half again.
Take your measuring tape and measure down both sides, marking the length you want. 
Measure from the corner down, marking the same measurement as your sides.
Connect the marks and cut. 

You can use the first cut as a template for the 2nd fabric. Makes it easier that way. ;)

This is what you should have.

STEP 2 -

Pin your circles right sides together. Make sure to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out.

Sew along the edges.


Now you'll want to cut little marks in your seam allowance to allow for a neater look when you turn it right side out. 


Turn it right side out and press.


Fold the fabric in where the opening is and press. 


Top stitch all around the edges (this closes that opening).


The centerpieces in the picture were made from things I picked up at the Dollar Tree. It cost me about $10 to make all three.
I picked up 3 tins, 2 bags of gourds, 1 package of leaves and 4 fabric flowers.
I stuffed plastic bags into the tins and covered them with the leaves.
Then I mixed the 2 colors of gourds and put them on top.
Next, I cut the long stems down to just a few inches and placed them in the middle tin.
Easy peasy!

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                      HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


  1. Stacy, I LOVE this! I love that we can use a million different fabrics for year round. Great ideas (and your fabric is beautiful!)

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!
      I have already decided that I need to make another one for Christmas/winter! LOL
      Can you believe that I got both of the fabrics for less than $3/yard at Hancock's?? Mind blown! LOL

  2. I love how versatile this is. Making it reversible was genius!

  3. And you're self-taught!? I'll be attempting a small (minuscule) sewing project for next month's BWF.

    So adorable, Stacy. For real!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! <3
      Yes, I am self-taught. I just started playing with the machine until I felt comfortable and any time I had a question that I couldn't figure out I would Google it. LOL
      GOOD LUCK!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!! I can't wait to see it!!!!

  4. This is fabulous - and looks like even I could do it!! (I don't sew - but I think this would be a great starting point). Pinned!

    1. Thank you!!!! You should give it a try!!! Let me know if you do! :D

  5. Stacy, I really like the little centerpieces!

    Did you hand sew it or use a machine?

    1. Thanks, Jenn!!
      I always use a machine. My hand stitching leaves much to be desired..... LOL

  6. This is so cute. I wish that I could sew. I have done a few simple projects.

    1. Thank you so much!!
      This one is very simple and easy if you ever decide to give it a try! :)

  7. You do amazing stuff, wish I could sew like that. my baby


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