October 12, 2015

Blog with Friends - Scary Stuff Edition

Today is Blog with Friends - SCARY STUFF Edition!!! Ready to be afraid???? 

For my project I'll show you how to make a Have Scary Dreams Pillowcase!

I saw this fabric in Joann's and knew it would be perfect for Jacob. Nightmare Before Christmas is his favorite movie and purple is his favorite color. His birthday was September 21st and I knew I wanted to make SOMETHING for him. But what??? (BTW, I actually made this over a month ago!) 
I decided that a pillowcase would be the best thing for a 22 year old boy. ;) 


Just less than 1 yard of main

Just less than 1/4 yard of black


You can use an existing pillowcase to measure this out if you like. 

I cut it the length I wanted and left the width.

Fold the contrast fabric in half and press.

Pin it to the "bottom" of the pillowcase. (I changed the position from what is shown in the picture.)

Sew the seam.

Press the seam.

Top stitch in place. 


Pin along the side and the bottom.

Sew the seam and press!

Guess what! You're done! That took, what?? 10 minutes????

I then took the pillowcase and embroidered Jacob's name on the black with shiny purple thread. 

Y'know.... Karen from Baking in a Tornado just reminded me how kids can trick or treat with pillowcases!!!! Wouldn't that be perfect?? You could make one to match their costumes and when Halloween is over they can use it on their beds!!! :D

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  1. Great job! For all the sewing projects I've attempted, I've never made a pillow case. I ought to give it a try!

  2. I absolutely love this!!! I wish I were crafty like you!!! I wish you could teach me!!!

  3. Amazing! How would you make the matching sheets? ;)


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