April 8, 2019

Blogging with Friends Spring Cleaning Edition April 2019

The Unpaper Towel - Reusable Kitchen Towels

Hey!!!! I'm back with a tutorial!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! It has a been a while!! About 3 1/2 years!! My goodness!!! I am so sorry. But life.... OH, BOY!!!!! 

Anyway, this one is quick, easy, and so much fun!!!! 

What you'll need

1/2 each of 3 different flannel fabric designs (or 1 1/2 yards if you want to keep it all the same)

1 1/2 yards of terry cloth

2 packs of sew on velcro strips (the long kind)

This will make 15 reusable kitchen towels.


As always iron out your wrinkles... I'm pretty sure I waited and did that around step 3 or 4 this time.... Shhhh....


Measure and cut

I cut them about 11.5 by 7.5.


Cut the velcro strips into 1 1/4" pieces. 

You're going to need 30 of them. 
I put sides together before I cut so they'd be exactly the same cut. 


Sew the fuzzy, soft side of the velcro to the top and bottom corner of one side of the terry cloth, about 5/8" from the edge.


Sew the scratchy side of the velcro to the right side of the flannel, top and bottom corners, 5/8" from the edge. 


Wrong sides together, zigzag stitch along the outside edges. 

Repeat until you have 15 unpaper towels!!!!!

Then you just attach the velcro and roll them up. You can stand them on your counter or put them on your paper towel holder. 

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!!!!

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  1. I love this idea, and how you can personalize with different looks. And I love that you're back with your tutorials!!

  2. I love these SO much. I want like a huge roll of them. I wish I were better at sewing, crafting, carpentry, and DIY stuff. These are AMAZING..


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