July 27, 2013

Back to School Sewing Round Up


It's about that time!!! Even though we homeschool, we still need to get ready for that time of year. For some school starts NEXT WEEK!! CRAZY!!! Thankfully, as a homeschooler, we can decide when our school year is as long as we have 180 days! And I don't plan on starting for at least a few more weeks, probably not until after Labor Day!!!

Anyway, I have had school stuff on the mind lately and I want to make a lot of stuff for the kids this year.

Back to School and Back to You - 25 Sewing Tutorials - Babble.com 

Here is a round up of ides for all ages - Shop Martingale

Here is a list of free tutorials and patterns for back to school from About. Com Sewing

Back to School patterns  - Sew Thankful

Another BTS round up - In Stitches

BTS Sewing Tutorials - The Crafty Mummy

More BTS Sewing Round Ups - A Sewing Journal

As far as my own tutorials go, I have:

The D Bag (draw string backpack)

Book Covers

Plus I have TONS of clothing tutorials!  Just click the tutorials tab at the top of the page! :D



  1. Yuck... it is getting time for school to start back.. I dread it, I don't get to see my grandkids,
    as much..They are so busy.
    thank you for sharing all the sights..

  2. Oh, HUGS, Judy!! That just stinks! :/
    But maybe you can make them something to take with them while they are at school.

  3. […] to help with that! LOL Then there’s tying ribbons to the spiral section like I listed in my back to school sewing round up. SO MANY IDEAS!!!! And they would all still be cheaper than the fancy shmancy […]


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