July 8, 2013

Colin's Madras Shorts

Colin's Shorts 004

It is SOOOOOO hard to get pictures of Colin sometimes. Especially when it has to do with clothes.... LOL He just doesn't stand still for long. I end up taking more than 20 pictures and very rarely get the "perfect" shot. LOL

I made these shorts for him the same way I always make shorts and pants. Just use the search bar on the right side if you would like a tutorial.

The only difference is in the way I did the pockets. I cut them on the bias and left the edges raw. :)

Colin's Shorts 006 Colin's Shorts 012

He LOVES them!!! They are so nice and cool! Perfect for the summer IF it ever stops raining!!!!! LOL

Today I will be back to skirt sewing for Skirting the Issue!!! :)



  1. So cute.. both shorts and Collin.
    I like the way you changed the direction of plaids on the pockets.
    I too am working on Skirting for Issues too..

  2. Thank you, Judy!!!!!! He loves them! I wanted the pockets to stand out. ;)

    YAY for Skirting the Issue!!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Heather!!!! :D
    I am going to have to make him some more. He is loving them!


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