February 8, 2013

February Secret Subject Swap Take 2

Welcome to Take Two of February’s Secret Subject Swap. This week, 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read ALLLLL the Secret Subject Swap posts!! You WON'T be sorry!!!!


"What it was like to grocery shop without a Starbucks in every store" submitted by The Mommy Ref.

This secret subject hits SOOOOO close to home. You see I live in a town with *gulp* NO STARBUCKS! Yes!! You read that correctly! There is not a single Starbucks in this whole town! OOOOH! The HUMANITY!!!! It has taken me 3 months to come to grips with that concept. It hasn't been an easy battle. I thought for a while that I might have to check myself into a Starbucks Withdrawal Center, but I couldn't find one of those either. Most other people across America can HAVE their Starbucks any old time they please. But NOOOOOO, not me! If I want a super yummy peppermint hot chocolate I have to drive for 35 MINUTES! Yes! The closest Starbucks is 35!!! MINUTES!!!! AWAY!!! I imagine living in Alaska would be better. At least there you can watch the wildlife and enjoy the snow. SIGH....

Now that I've started my rant, let me tell you the OTHER things my town does NOT have....

TARGET!! Obviously, no Starbucks would also equal no Target. They seem to come as a pair these days. WAH!!!!!!!

NO Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts!!!!! We do have a small, locally owned doughnut shop but it just doesn't compare. Their doughnuts taste like cardboard! I didn't think it would be easy to mess up a doughnut... I was wrong.

NO books stores of ANY kind! GASP!! This one is even worse than not having Starbucks!!! I haven't bought a single book since we moved! My nerves can't take much more!

No Michael's, JoAnn's or Hancock's! Not even a Hobby Lobby!!! There IS a small, locally owned fabric shop and it's OK..... It will do in a pinch, I suppose, but the selection is not very large.

No mall, people! NO MALL!!!! No Yankee Candle! No Bath and Body Works!!! Not even a Sears!

I live at the edge of the world!!!

There is vast nothingness surrounding me!

Civilization is over 35 miles away!!!! The only store we have is WALMART!!!!

So, the next time you go out shopping and grab something from Starbucks, remember me! Drink one FOR ME!!! Remind me of what it is like TO have a Starbucks on every corner!

Also, I might have a list for Target...... ;)

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  1. Oh, you poor thing. You've moved to the boondocks. I think you have a new goal in life, start your own doughnut and coffee shop. I call that a win/win!

  2. I agree with Karen. A new business venture needs to be in your future! I am not a Starbucks fan but would die without all the other stores close by!

  3. You know, I have SERIOUSLY been considering it. This place needs one in a BAD BAD way!!! LOL

  4. It's a NIGHTMARE!! I keep hoping I will wake up and be back in Richmond! LOL

  5. Your town sounds like mine, down to the doughnut and little fabric shop. Our doughnut shop has famously good doughnuts though. But, I don't get to eat them. They don't have gluten free doughnuts. ;)

  6. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!! For the little town and especially the no GF doughnuts! :(

  7. I know what you mean...when I first moved here (seems like eons ago...) we had no Starbucks, but we did have a Borders Book Store (now closed). I do feel so bad for you -- not only do we have a Barnes & Noble, but the cafe in there serves Starbucks products! You should consider opening your own! I know I would!!!!

  8. WAH!!!! I miss the B&N w/Starbucks!!!
    I wonder if I could talk The Hubby into moving back to VA???

  9. Stacy...you are tooo funny!!! I laughed when I read this post.. I think you are definitely having withdrawals..lol
    I too , live in a little town ,with none of the above mentioned stores.. I have to drive 50 minutes to get to fabric stores..We don't even have a small local owned..[I would love to
    have that.hahahaha]
    Have a good day.. And dream about the Starbucks drink,B/N books and all the fabric
    we can buy ...so close by.hahahahha

  10. Target and Starbucks are my favorite. I mourn quietly with you :) <3

  11. Thank you, Michele!!! LOL

    It's just AWFUL!!!

  12. We too do not have jack-crap locally. A solid 25 minutes to a Starbucks. But, a few months ago, they opened a Dunkin Donuts about 2 minutes from me! (98 seconds but who's counting?) I'm pretty sure it's the worst thing to happen to our budget since I discovered Amazon ;)

  13. YAY for DD!!!! I'm crossing my fingers that we will get SOMETHING here. SIGH........

  14. I feel so bad for opening that deep wound! I agree, a business venture is in your future. A book swapping coffee shop! You can even have crafters night! Or create an "errands" service to go shop for people that can't make it the 35 miles! I will tip a coffee back for you my dear friend!

  15. BRILLIANT!!! That is absolutely BRILLIANT! I'm taking notes!! LOL


  16. eeps!! Where on earth is this desert?! But, with the suggestions in the comments you're getting, you're sure to rake in millions soon!!

  17. LOL! Y'know, it is VERY much like a desert. We have sand and palm trees but not much else! LOL

  18. We have a Caseys. That's it. At least there is a town nearby with a Target, with a Starbucks in it of course. It's also a college town, so there are about 2,000 Starbucks in it. One on every corner, or at least in every HyVee.

  19. We live in an ickle village with none of the big stores, but we're between towns that have all that stuff, so I'm always only 20 minutes from a Target+Starbucks. It's definitely a good thing for our family budget (not being that close). My coffee spends over the year would probably get us a garage and guest house extension!!!!

  20. Glad you have Target and Starbucks nearby!! We are just going to have to move. That's all there is to it. LOL

  21. LOL!! I live in a town that is 20 miles from the nearest grocery store or Walmart! I have actually never been in a Starbucks. I drive 45 miles each way to work and I don't pass a Starbucks on my route or a store of any kind either. Unless you count the little store/ gas station combos! So even though I really enjoyed reading your angst I can't really relate! Sorry. :(

  22. I'm reading about all the things you don't have, and I realize you must live in my town, not two states away! The only thing I can think of that I have and you don't is a mall... however, we don't have a Yankee Candle nor a Bath & Body works, so my mall really doesn't count. I don't have Sears either, unless you count the Sears Craftsman store :)

  23. I forgot, I CAN get Dunkin Donuts in the Hess stations, lol!

  24. LOL! No Yankee Candle or B&BW?? Yep, that mall doesn't count. ;)
    We have the Sears appliance place but that's it.

    Our nearest DD is 30 mins away!


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