February 26, 2013

SEW Excited! Another Pattern Remix and Other Cool Stuff!

Project Run & Play is doing another pattern remix challenge!! YIPPPEE!! The pattern is from Me Sew Crazy.

I can't wait to get started on it!!! I have so many ideas floating around in my head!! I was thinking that I wouldn't have time to try it out but I just got confirmation YESTERDAY from Joann's about the fabric I ordered. GRRRR! I ordered it LAST WEEK!! It's for the outfit my cousin Sandra (Rivas & Co.) hired me to make.

ANYWAY, I have tons of ideas for this remix!! Now, I just have to get started! ;)

In other "exciting" news, our owl pellets arrived yesterday! YAY!!!!

Owl Pellets (Set of 5)

You get 5 for $9.95 and they come with a little pamphlet about barn owls. The pamphlet shows the different types of animals that barn owls eat and what those animals' bones look like. Not bad for $10.  Our fake pellets from Hobby Lobby were more than that and we only got 2 (maybe 3).

We have A LOT of hands on stuff going on this week. We started owls, Spain, vikings AND rocks and minerals yesterday.

Young Scientist Series - Set 3:   Minerals (Kit 7) -  Crystal (Kit 8) - Fossils (Kit 9)

We will be using the minerals (kit 7) and the crystals (kit 8) from The Young Scientist Club.  We USED to get the monthly subscription until I realized that buying them from Amazon was MUCH cheaper. The monthly subscription is about $17 a month and you only get 1 kit where as at Amazon you can get 3 kits in one set for $24.97. Doesn't take rocket science to figure that one out!

Yesterday Cailey was sick ( fever, sore throat and a headache) so we took it easy. She basically just watched videos on Discovery Streaming.  Speaking of Discovery Streaming, some states provide free access for homeschoolers!! It is SOOOOOOO very awesome! Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina are the 3 I heard about. In Georgia, we access it through our PBS website.  You e-mail the education department and provide your DOI (Declaration of Intent). They will then email you with your user name and password. I have to say, if we ever move to a state where it isn't free, I might just have to suck it up and pay for it. It is SUCH an awesome resource. Cailey watched Jeff Corwin in Spain, a video introducing the rock cycle, a video about vikings AND one about owls! On YouTube she watched Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication and Schoolhouse Rock Grammar. After that she read a couple chapters in The Hundred Dresses, copied her spelling words and called it a day. ;)

BUT today I promised that we would dive into the owl pellets and science kits. Colin was begging to get into them last night! LOL

It just occurred to me that I never write about what the big kids do for school. I guess because I no longer create the units for them. :/ I will start adding their stuff, too! Homeschooling high school can be so intimidating but it isn't really much different than the younger years. ;)


  1. The dress is adorable..I can't wait to see what you come up with.. And hope you share your tutorial on it.. I think I will make one for my grandaughter.. super cute.

  2. Thanks, Judy!! I can't wait to see yours, too!!! :D

  3. I don't believe you when you say that homeschooling high school isn't much different, lol! Then again, one thing that is easier is that I don't have to be as hands-on with my kids now that they're older.

  4. VERY true!! One of the best things we can teach our kids is how to teach themselves, HOW to learn.


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