March 7, 2014

Secret Subject Swap March 2014

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My prompt :

10 years after your death, a person finds a collection of your writing in a thrift store. For some reason, a friend of yours or perhaps a stalker compiled blog posts, facebook updates, short stories, poems....anything you write...into a book, and that book ended up, mistakenly or otherwise, in a donation box. What would you hope this friend of yours included in this compilation? What would you hope the person who buys and reads it would gather about you, about the world, and about himself or herself?

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I think that video really sums up the way I want people to think of me when I'm gone.

Remember the good things and leave out all the rest.

I would hope that the book included any time that I made someone happy. Anytime that I made them smile or feel good about themselves. Anytime that I was helpful.

I hope that it would leave out the times I was short tempered or selfish. Anytime that I snapped at someone or was rude.

None of those terrible poems I wrote in high school!!! YEESH!!! What was I thinking?? 

None of the letters I wrote to my cousin! LOL There's no telling the crazy things I wrote. Although Amy could probably still tell you all about them! ;)

None of those silly notes I wrote in school and folded into a thousand different shapes.  (Can you say EMBARRASSING???)

I would want people to feel good reading it. Good about themselves. See that the world is still a good place, filled with good people.


  1. What a great prompt! And of course you want to remember only the good times :-) No time like the present to create those happy memories! Happy weekend!

  2. wow, what a prompt! I would hope my writing would bring my family joy and peace. Yeah and no bad thoughts or iffy topics, that wouldn't be good, LOL

  3. I have journals of writing and prayer journals, it is my hope that one day my kids read them and realize just how much they meant to me and how often I worried and prayed for them. That it will bring them comfort and maybe some insight as to who I was and why I did what I did when they didn't understand.
    Great prompt

  4. Love the song; glad I payed attention to the lyrics! I bet people would only find wonderful things you left behind. Loved children and friends and all of the stories about how you made lives better by just being you. Great prompt!

  5. Thank you SOOOOO much! You are so sweet. Thank you!!!

  6. Everything you write makes me feel good. Although I sure would love to see some of those letters to your cousin!

  7. THANK YOU!!!
    I also made tapes and sent them to her. Thank goodness we don't own a tape player any more! LOL ;)

  8. A grand legacy of good feeling to be left behind for future generations. I like it! But notes from primary school years? I'm with you - definitely not!

  9. Thank you!!
    Yes, the notes and letters are a definite NO WAY!! LOL

  10. What a prompt! I think you did a great job though. I'd love to read some of those letters!

  11. Thank you, Sarah!!
    NOT HAPPENING! LOL They were definitely cringe worthy!!


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