May 21, 2014

Dealing with a Situation

So sorry that I have been so quiet lately. We have been dealing with some rental issues here.

Saturday morning I got up and started laundry. A few minutes later one of the kids started yelling that black water was backing up into the bathtub and toilet.

I grabbed the plunger but it didn't do any good.

I grabbed my laptop, looked up the number to our maintenance line and gave them a call.

Hours later, nothing.

I call again.

Hours later, nothing.

I call AGAIN!

I am assured that someone would be out here within 10 to 20 minutes. HA HA HA!


I didn't try on Sunday. I figured, nothing on Saturday then there's definitely not going to be anything done on Sunday!

Bright and early Monday morning I called the property manager. She says there's nothing she can do, I have to keep calling the maintenance line. WHAT???

I call it AGAIN!!!!


A few hours later I call again!

This time I am assured that someone would be out in the afternoon.

The woman from the construction company calls and says that yes, someone will be out shortly. She's so sorry but she didn't check her emails over the weekend.

3:00 rolls around and someone finally shows up. He pokes around outside for about 15 minutes. He says he can't find the septic tank.


He needs to get a drawing and will be back first thing in the morning. I ask if he's SURE. Oh, absolutely. I'll be the first place he stops.


Tuesday morning. NOTHING!!!

I call the property manager. She says she can't do anything. I have to call the maintenance line again.

So, I called it... AGAIN!!!!

The woman remembers me. Of course she does. I have become increasing hysterical with each call!

She calls the property manager (what a joke).

Next thing I know, the woman from the construction company calls. So very sorry. They had an issue with their first call this morning.

OMG! I went off. I told her that I was told *I* would be the first call.

Yes, but there was an issue with the last call yesterday.

I DO NOT CARE!! I have been dealing with this since Saturday.

I told her I was unsure as to whose fault this whole fiasco was but that SHE was definitely in the running.

I am once again assured that someone would be out this afternoon.

I had to laugh.

Now, during all of this time, I have had to make multiple trips to the Walmart so that we could use the restroom.

My house STINKS to high heaven.

So here we are at 3:03 pm on Tuesday. The man from the construction company has been here about an hour. It turns out, the septic tank is halfway under the deck!!! He said that he pumped one end of it out but can't get to the other. We are still backed up.

He is calling his boss to see what to do. I vote for tearing up that end of the deck and finished the job!!!!! 

Ok.. It's now 5 pm Tuesday and it's finally all done!!! They pulled up half of the deck. 

I still need to scrub the tub some more but the rest of the clean-up is over. 

I have documented all the phone calls and taken pictures. UNBELIEVABLE that it took all of that to do one simple thing.



  1. Holy cr@p (well, sort of literally), I can't believe this dragged on this long. I would have called the media by Sunday morning. I'd subtract a chunk out of my rent too. What a horrible situation to have to deal with.
    And I was NOT laughing while reading this story. Ok, maybe just a little.

    1. It was awful!!! At this point at least it will get us out of our lease!
      The only thing that I could laugh about was our trips to Walmart to use the bathroom! LOL That's just about the only way to get me into a Walmart these days! LOL

  2. Oh Stacy, I am so sorry! People are horrible! My sister lived in Baltimore in an apartment that was partially below ground. The water heater busted and started flooding her apartment and she couldn't get to it because it was locked in a cabinet. She kept calling maintenance over and over again, and they kept saying someone was coming. An hour passed and her apartment was flooding. She had to get her neighbors to help her start moving things out of her apartment...her cat, her television, etc. She was having an anxiety attack. The maintenance guy finally showed, taking his time...he was AT LUNCH and didn't want to be disturbed. The carpet was completely ruined. This was about 2 years ago. I wish she had called the fire department because all of that water and live electricity could have been very dangerous. Anyway, she moved out of there as soon as she could and when they asked her why she was leaving, she told them it was the worst place she had ever lived and she wouldn't recommend it to her enemies.

    If something like this ever happens again, get a hotel and stick them with the bill. If your place is inhabitable, and not having a toilet makes it so, along with sewage in the house, they have to pay. Almost every state provides that protection to renters. I'm sorry that happened to you. :(

    1. OMG! How awful!!! How scary!!!!!!
      We are definitely on our way out of here. And they had better not DARE bring up the lease!! I have pictures and documented every phone call. I still can't believe it took them 4 days to do something as simple as pump a septic tank. Unreal!

  3. Stacy,
    How horrible... I can not believe how people are..Really don't care about any one but themselves..
    I don't blame you at all, I would be LEAVING that place.. That was inexcusable!!! However, I did
    have to laugh at the many wal mart trips.hahahhaa...[just proud wm was close enough]
    Have a good day... and will be praying you find a house soon.

  4. Thank you, Judy!!! We need all the prayers we can get!!!
    It was just awful but we had to laugh at the Walmart trips, too!!!

  5. That is terrible! I just can't fathom knowing someone has children literally wading in turds and does nothing. That is ridiculous

    1. I know. I just couldn't believe it. Heartless is all I can think.

  6. Stacy, did you ever find another house? Have been praying for you and thinking about you.. hugs.

    1. Thank you, Judy!! We could certainly use those prayers!! We are in the process of looking now. Such a pain!!


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