May 10, 2014

Our Week in Review - Outdoor Stuff

We have been CRAZY busy this week! Well, maybe I should say that *I* have been crazy busy.

On Saturday we took the 3 youngest kids fishing! They had a lot of fun, for a little while. I tried to tell The Hubby to not expect to be out there all day. Colin has a very short attention span. The Cs have been fishing before but never caught a thing! 

That is Colin's first fish!! YAY!!!
I spent most of the time visiting with my Dad since the kids were fishing his pond. 

We spent most of Saturday and Sunday away from home!

On Monday we went back to our favorite park but this time we explored a lot more areas!

Deanna, Colin and Cailey on the swings. Joshua prefers to sit somewhere quiet and read.

Colin the Lobster.

We explored the lake area and feed the ducks and geese some of our snacks.

And Cailey fell in the lake! No worries, though... She thought it was fun and asked to do it again! LOL 

Then we explored the Nature Center.

SNAKES!!! BLECK!!!!!!!!!! Cailey loves ALL creatures. Bugs, spiders, snakes, it doesn't matter to her. 

They don't have as many things as the one in Richmond but the kids still enjoyed it.

I really liked the nature themed boxes. They had a ton of wonderful learning items in each box. Some of the items were real samples! Rocks, seeds, snake skins (BLECK!!!), bugs.... 

I managed to get some sewing done on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

On the left is a sling strap cover that I made for a friend of mine that will be in a cast for at least 6 more weeks. :(

On the right is a sundress that I made for a friend's daughter to wear to her school's awards day. Now Deanna and Cailey both want one! DEANNA wants me to make her a DRESS!!!! I think pigs must be flying somewhere... 

On Tuesday and Wednesday (all night Tuesday to Wednesday afternoon) I got to babysit for a friend of mine. The sweet little baby that I made the green owl taggie blanket and letter V taggie as a gift. I had a great time cuddling a sweet little guy. I had been getting the baby itch and that helped out a lot! LOL 7 yrs is the longest we've gone between kids and Colin turned 7 in March! 

SHEW!!!! It was a LONG week!! I took Thursday as a bum around day and caught up on some reading. Friday is errands day. Grocery shopping, paying bills... BLECK!!!!

We were hoping to go to the botanical gardens on Friday, Public Gardens Day, but it rained and rained and rained. WAH!!!!!!



  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun and also got a lot accomplished. Boo to the rain though.

    1. I was so disappointed!! It costs a small fortune for all of us to go somewhere. I like to catch it free when I can! LOL
      At least today's activity is indoors! ;)


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