July 17, 2014

Just Call Me a Tumbleweed

I am finally taking the time to sit down and tell you about why I've been so absent from blogging lately. 

We moved. Again. 

Now, if you've been keeping up you'll know that we had a major plumbing disaster in May and it took WAY TOO LONG for the rental company to fix the issue. Apparently that was their M.O. It took 6 weeks for them to have that huge fallen tree removed!! And remember how that house was supposed to be temporary?? How we were promised a bigger house in a few months?? Yeah, apparently that was never going to happen. GRRR!! Be careful when you are looking for a new house!! Check out the rental agency very carefully before deciding!!

Anyway, we spent about 6 weeks in a hotel. We had 2 rooms, thank goodness. The 3 youngest kids and I spent most of every day at the pool and each night watching fireworks. Now that's the life! ;) 

We got very brown and the sun and swimming did wonders for my fibromyalgia! 

I am trying to get everything unpacked and taken care of but first Jacob got really sick. He missed 2 1/2 days of work. Then I got sick. I am STILL trying to get over it (it's been 5 days!!!!). Then Joshua picked it up. Now Cailey and Colin are both sick. High fevers and terrible coughs. BLECK!!! So far The Hubby and Deanna have managed to stay healthy! Fingers crossed that they stay that way!! This crud is TERRIBLE!!

I will have a sewing room again!! WOOO HOOO!!! Well, it will also be the homeschooling room but that's OK, I'm not picky. ;) I have most of everything else unpacked, I just need to put up pictures and curtains. Speaking of curtains, I will be making a bunch of new ones and trying out new techniques. TUTORIALS!! ;) But first... that unpacking... sigh..... Wish me luck!!!!

OH!! And there is an AWESOME homeschooling group that meets at a park that is in walking distance of the house!!! WOOO HOOO!! Today was supposed to have been our first meet up but with the kids sick we had to miss it. 


  1. So much good and so much bad. I LOVE hearing that the sun and swimming helped your Fibro, that's the best news. All that crud making it's way through your house is definitely the bad news. Hope you're all well and happy again soon.

    1. Thank you so much, Karen!!!!
      My littles are on the couches this morning. :( And now Deanna thinks she might be coming down with it.
      BUT I managed to get quite a few boxes unpacked this morning!

  2. Stacy, so sorry you and kids have been so sick.. Hope all will stay well, and no one else get it.It is rough!!!
    SO sorry about the move and the terrible rental situation..That was just uncalled for.
    Did you move back to your original home [where you lived when you were so happy? sorry can't remember where
    you lived.ha].. So proud your getting your sewing room back.. Missed your tutorials..
    Wish I was close by, I would help you unpack.. Take care .//

    1. Thank you so much, Judy!
      Yes, you could say that we are home again. ;)
      I have tons of ideas for when I get everything set up!!


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