July 25, 2014

Fly on the Wall - July 2014

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.
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If you've been keeping up then you know how absolutely CRAZY it's been around here. So then maybe you'll forgive me when I tell you that I don't have a nice list of all the crazy stuff that everyone has been saying and doing. Hopefully you will like what I DO have for you, lots of pics of all the stuff we've done over the past month. :D

We went to the art museum! I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! It's amazing and FREE!!!
I even managed to get a picture of Joshua and Deanna! GASP!!
(BTW, if the pics are showing up small, just click on them to expand.)

We had VBS! Once again I was in charge of the 4s and 5s (and Colin). The kids had SUCH a great time!! At the end of the week we had a water slide! I caught a picture of Deanna on it! Hee hee hee hee!!

We went to one of our favorite parks and got lucky enough to catch a view great pictures. 

We went to a local ice cream place that I had been wanting to try for YEARS!! Colin got the Purple Dinosaur flavor (naturally) and managed to get it from head to toe! LOL 

We did 2 more Lowe's Build and Grow workshops. These are ALWAYS free and so much fun for the kids. We missed the one at Home Depot for July. :(

I got 2 cool cups! The first one has "RUN" at the top where the "KEEP CALM" is crossed out and at the bottom it says, "ZOMBIES ARE COMING". The other is Grumpy Cat, of course. I LOVE THAT CAT!!!

Cailey begged me to cut all her hair off so I did. She LOVES it. SHEW!! You never can tell how that might go. LOL She's always had long hair so I guess it was time to try something new. ;) 


  1. What a bunch of happy summer pics, thanks for sharing :-)
    Wow, dinosaur ice cream - I might know a boy or two who would be thrilled to taste some of it, too!

    1. THANKS!!!
      If you get it in a cup it comes with a dino cookie! ;) LOL

  2. Where is this free museum???? I like educational AND free. :-)

    I went to the park while we were waiting to do our lake walk. I swung on the swings AND climbed the rock wall. Then I jumped off the rock wall and peed my pants. Good times, good times.

    1. Richmond, VA. It's AMAZING!!!! They have so many wonderful exhibits. It takes all day to see them all properly.

      Yeah, that would be why I don't climb rock walls. I can barely laugh these days! LOL

  3. I swear woman, you give your children the best experiences! VBS was one of my favorite memories of summer.
    I always say, you haven't truly enjoyed ice-cream unless you're wearing the ice cream! Tell your daughter that her new haircut is beautiful!

    1. THANK YOU, Shelly Bean!!!
      We just try to have as much fun as we can while we can. They just grow up way too fast.

  4. Such amazing pictures of a happy family taking full advantage of time together in the summer.
    Cailey should love her hair cut, she looks great.

  5. I love your pictures and Cailey's haircut is adorable!!

  6. Sounds like a fun month with some awesome pictures! We've never done a Lowe's or Home Depot kids' workshop, but I'd love to try it. It looks like your kids made some fun stuff! Have a great Friday & weekend with your sweet family!

    1. OH!! Tomorrow is another Lowe's!! They will be making the taco truck from Turbo. LOL
      Then on Aug. 2nd (I think) will be the Home Depot. They will be making a pencil holder. The kids always like the Home Depot workshops better because they let them paint! LOL

  7. Yes ma'am great minds. Love the photos. Cailey's so sweet and yes whew! she likes the cute. LOVE the free museum and I miss VBS. Enjoy these days girl
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. I am definitely enjoying them. I know just how fast they go. :(
      THANK YOU!!!

  8. free museum???? that is beyond awesome. I know we can donate any amount we choose to the museum in the city...unless that is changed.
    love all the pics babe

    1. Oh, that's good, too! We have a petting zoo that takes donations. I have been to take the kids there. I think we'll wait until the fall when the weather cools down.


  9. I want some Purple Dinosaur!

    My parents still do VBS every summer. I don't necessarily miss it, but I don't not miss it, either...

    1. I love it. I am tired and exhausted when it's over but it's so much fun!!!!

  10. Such great photos - you are an inspiration that I need to take more!

    Carol of Battered Hope


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