May 31, 2012

A Rant Against Snobs

Snobs.... BLECK!!! They are everywhere. Those people that think they are better than everyone else. It makes me mad. It makes me crazy. What makes YOU any better than anyone else?? Nothing. We all come into this world the same way, more or less, and we all will be leaving it the same way.

I have seen snobs of all kinds. You typical "I have more money than you" snobs or the "I have a degree from an ivy league school" snobs.... I have seen restaurant snobs, movie snobs, book snobs, grammar snobs.... People can be snobby about the stupidest things! There are people that think they are smarter than I am because I speak with a Southern accent and have a tendency to drop my g's. :PPPPPPPPPPPPP to you!

Now I have found a NEW type of snob. The sewing snob. Good grief. There are people that are basically attacking new sew-ers/bloggers for putting "shoddy work out into the internet". Oh, PUHLEASE!! Get over yourself. To me sewing is an art an just like art it can be seen in different ways by different people. And just because I don't like Picasso it doesn't make his art less appealing to others! It doesn't make him any less an artist!

Come down off your high horse and leave those people alone! Instead of tearing them down, build them up! If you think they need help in an area offer to help them instead of belittling them! Most times I bet they would welcome constructive criticism. Being hateful and ugly doesn't help anyone.

Yes, I am a new sewist. I make LOTS of mistakes. I will be the first to point them out.The purpose of my blog isn't to make someone sew like me, it's a documentation of my journey, both as a sew-er and a homeschooler. It's also to help those new to sewing (like MYSELF) and new to homeschooling. Not because I know it all. Not because I can do it all. But because I CAN'T!!! It's to show that you don't have to be perfect to have fun with something! I don't claim to sew couture. I don't want to sew couture. I don't have that type of lifestyle. LOL Most people don't and that's another point.

If you come across the blog of a new sew-er and it offends your delicate sensibilities then don't follow it! Don't read it! But you also don't have to shoot it and the person writing it down. By doing that you just might take something away from them, their enjoyment of what they are doing, their pride in accomplishment and for that I say SHAME ON YOU!

Maybe I am a reverse snob and that's OK with me. Maybe I am a hypocrite for ranting about this the way I am. That's OK, too. I would rather be called those things than to sit idly by while someone tears someone else down.

Disclaimer - I have no idea what blog the lady was talking about but it just made me mad that she would attack someone like that instead of offering them advice from her wealth of knowledge (insert sarcasm here). Who is she that she thinks she can decide who is sewing blog worthy??? LOL


Off to try to remember to press my fabric! ;)


  1. Good on you. I would love to have seen the original comment. And I certainly would have shouted her/him down just the same. Sewing is so totally all about the journey. If she/he has reached the end of theirs.... shame! From a fellow sewist... and coffee snob! x

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :)

  3. Feel better after getting that off your chest, Stacy? :)

  4. hey Stacy. I was able to get on my kindle and find it. really neat
    Great job

  5. Honestly, I think it's pretty cool that you know how to sew in the first place. I can do hemming tape, and that doesn't even require a needle nor thread! We're all given talents, some are more developed than others, and I agree that the blogger should have given her plethora of advice (if she truly has some to share) instead of putting down the more novice.

  6. Thank you, Tiffany!!!
    I enjoy your blog, BTW. ;)

  7. Well said Stacy! I have seen negative comments on new sewists blogs a few times, and it infuriates me every time. We all work hard on our sewing projects, whatever our skill level, and should be respected for that. Who are these mean bloggers to judge what is right or wrong? I think the fact that many people have tried something new, and gone out of their way to post and share it is fantastic. I just don't understand why people seem to enjoy being negative.
    I'd also like to add one more snob to your list. The blog snob. Is it just me that has noticed some of the 'more popular' bloggers are less likely to return a visit or comment? I've left several comments praising sewing/crafts on popular blogs, and never had a return visit. I realize we are all busy, but I think it is just common courtesy to at least give a simple 'thank you' in return.
    Okay, rant over. Sorry about that, but your post just struck a nerve. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am looking forward to more of your posts!

  8. Thank you!
    SOOOOO true!! I have noticed that as well. Sad. You would think they would still be happy to be receiving compliments!
    It never fails to amaze me why people have to be so ugly to each other or try to one up everyone else. :(

  9. Way to go Stacy, I totally agree. Love ya

  10. Thank you for an enlightening and earnest post, Stacy! I am surprised that there are a few (not many, I hope) experienced sewists blatantly or subtly disrespect fellow sewists who have not yet attained their level of expertise, or I simply choose to ignore such negative behavior.

    Being an non-couture/leisure sewist, I hope that my blog posts of pattern reviews are not only helpful, but to show other sewists like me that we are proud to be a part of the sewing community. My "humble" blog seems to come across as offbeat and one-dimensional, but that is fine. I sometimes combine a lighthearted approach (i.e. full of puns) with serious sewing detail when reviewing a pattern. Maybe that offends certain people, but I hope that I can inspire those sewists who have not yet mastered certain upscale methods in their sewing repertoire. I don't feel comfortable sharing the "spotlight" with popular sewing bloggers.

    Hopefully the members of the sewing community that are supportive and friendly outnumber those that are disrespectful.

  11. Thank you, Louella!
    Thankfully the snobby sewists seem to be few and far between. Mostly other sewing bloggers have been very friendly and welcoming to be. I was just flabbergasted at a certain blogger's take on new and up-coming sewists. Such a shame.
    I am going to check your blog out! It sounds like something that I would really enjoy!

  12. I'm way late but YES! I totally agree. I've just begun sewing this January and some people are, not nice, to say the least. I haven't gotten any nasty comments on my blog, but I have gotten comments about what I "should" or "shouldn't" be attempting to sew. And how I "should" do it THIS or THAT way. Why don't you just answer my question since you're all knowing!?!?! LOL! Ok, my rant is done :)

  13. LOL! Exactly!!!!!! It makes me CRAZY!!! There are no set "rules" to sewing! Do it YOUR way! LOL
    Even after almost a year I still get an ugly comment here or there. BLECK!! People can be so mean!
    Hang in there and HAVE FUN!!! That's what it's all about! ;)


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