May 28, 2012

My Sewing Machine Is Possessed


I have a happy little boy. c2 LOVES his Green Lantern PJs. Little does he know that I had to battle a possessed sewing machine to make it for him! My goodness!! The light kept going off and on and the buttonholer went berserk! Then the thread kept getting sucked up into the top! CRAZY! Maybe it's saying it needs a break??? TOO BAD!!! LOL I plan on cutting out the pattern pieces for this today! I'll be making the yellow dress.

Retro Butterick '56 - B5603

And here is the material I am going to use. I have NO idea what kind it is. I found it in the clearance section. I guess I could check my receipt but I hid it...  No evidence. ;)


I can't wait!!! Hee hee hee!!!

Afterwards maybe I can settle in to making my final skirt for Crafterhours Skirt Week! LOL

So, what kind of projects have YOU been doing lately?? Share with us! Leave a comment!!

Did you all get your 15% off coupon from Hancock's in your e-mail today? Why must they mock me??? Don't they know I already spent a fortune there the other day? Why taunt me with coupons?

Yes... I AM thinking of going back. LOL Wouldn't you?

I finally figured out how to add buttons to the side over there. Now I just need to figure out how to make my own button! :)

I've also been considering make a Facebook page. What do you think?

Later this week I will be posting my list of favorite homeschooling sites, blogs and resources. Stick around!


  1. I love the yellow dress and the fabric is perfect!!!

  2. Thank you!!!! I already cut out the patterns pieces! LOL I couldn't stand it! I had to get it started.

  3. Those pjs turned out super cute!

    Making a button isn't too hard, you can use Paint and/or

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog. :) I love hearing from others who became moms early. Makes me feel less alone.

    Cailey is such a beautiful spelling! I never thought of that when we were picking a name out.

  4. Thank you!!!! I am going to try that! Then I can have my own button!!
    Any time!! I know how hard it was for me and I don't want anyone to feel that alone if I can help it. If I had just realized that it all passes and soooo quickly.
    Thanks!! When we were picking her name I just wrote down all the different spellings and told The Hubby to pick one. LOL That's the one he picked! I like YOUR spelling of it, too! :)

  5. Loving your blog! so fun! I am following as well!
    Thank you so much for stopping by Blissful and Domestic and for your sweet comments:>

  6. YAY!! Thank you so much!! I just LOVE Blissful and Domestic!! :)) I'm a happy girl!

  7. I love the fabric you're going to use, it looks soft!

  8. Thanks!! It is VERY soft!! The pattern calls for linen, though... But I think it will work out.

  9. I think you picked a beautiful fabric for the dress. I sewed a similar dress I wont say how many years ago, but it was the latest shout then. Now talk nice to you sewing machine, give it a little sewing machine oil, clean out the threads, and it will reward you with a beautiful dress. Virginia

  10. Thank you!!
    I...umm...actually smacked it a couple of times... I think it learned its lesson... ;) At least it made the light stay on! ;)


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