May 31, 2013

Stacy Had a Little Lamb

I have been sewing away!!! :) I am so excited to be apart of Sewing to Rebuild!!!

Here is what I have made so far.

Sewing to Rebuild 007

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this bag!! It has to be my favorite one that I have ever made (and I have made TONS)!!! I think it's the fabric. I need to try to find some more. This was donated (along with a bunch more) last year by a fabulous lady! ;) 2 of my good friends donated a lot last year to help out with Bags of Hope and Love. I haven't given up on that. I just need to settle in and see if I can find some people that are willing to help out with it. I could reach so many kids if I had just a few people willing to help out. ;)

Sewing to Rebuild 012

Here is my little lamb!!! This is the very first stuffed toy that I have ever made!! I LOVE IT!!!

I used this tutorial -

Little lambs from Molly’s Sketchbook 

I made a few minor changes.

1- I used fleece instead of felt. It is sooo sooo sooo soft. Now I need to buy more because the Cs both want one... LOL

2- I used the 4 leg pieces to make 4 legs instead of 2.

3- I added a little, bitty tail.

I am now in the middle of an outfit to go with this set. I decided to make shorts with a matching top. I am making the shorts the way I always make them but they are girl shorts so they aren't as long as I would make them for Colin. I realize yesterday that I have never made shorts for Cailey! LOL  I've made everything BUT shorts!! You can find the tutorial HERE. If you feel better using a pattern I suggest THIS ONE from Squiggly Twigs Designs. You might recognize the model at the top of the page. ;) There are also some free patterns on Pattern Revolution. I have never made any of those patterns so I can't say how easy they are.

HAVE FUN SEWING!!! I sure am! ;)


  1. I LOVE the lamb! As soon as I get myself back on track I will send you a few bags for your project.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! That would be AWESOME!!!! :D

  3. Of course I love the lamb!! But I also love the bag.

  4. LOL! Thanks, Lambie!! I was thinking about you the whole time I was making the lamb! LOL

  5. Oh how cute.. what fun..
    I too, am m going to make some stuff for the victims.. I can't get it done
    this week, I am working on a big order , for a friend.. But, will get started next
    Love to sew for people in need..

  6. YAY, Judy!!!! And YAY for a big order! ;)

  7. so cute I love the project and you


  8. Thank you, Aunt Leea!!! I love you, too!!!! <3


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