May 24, 2013

May Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 13 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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First off, this is what I have probably looked like this past month -

And the house still looks a little like this -

Now on to what you might have heard!

The Hubby - What does that sign say? Alvin Heights???

Me - OMGosh! You should realllly wear your glasses! It says ASIA KITCHEN!!!!

We started watching the North America series on Discovery Channel. At one point it shows a bobcat trying to catch a mole.

Colin (hysterically laughing) - LOOK!!! The bobcat is playing Whack - a - Mole!!!!!

Afterward the bobcat starts playing with the dead mole.

We were watching another episode of North America, this one with mountain goats, the other night. The little baby mountain goat was too scared to cross the river.

Colin - Mommy, sometimes you just have to get over your fears.

The narrator - Sometimes you just have to get over your fears.

Colin - HEY!! He copied me!!!!!

Colin - I am so hungry I can feel the stomach acid eating away at my insides. (He's 6, BTW....)

The day the movers came it was raining. No, it wasn't just raining, it was a mini monsoon!! Naturally....

Anyway, the movers only really had one choice when I came to unloading our stuff. They were going to have to block the street for a little while.

Now, that being said, this is NOT a main thoroughfare. It is NOT a dead end street. It is a VERY small, quiet, neighborhood street. There MIGHT be 20 houses on it but I doubt it.

So, the movers put out the orange triangle things and the fun begins.

Most people calmly turned around went another way.

Some did NOT.

One "lady" (and I use the term VERY loosely) - ***BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*** (She is just laying on that horn for all it's worth like the movers are just going to drop our couch and move out of her way.)

Me - So sorry! But you will have to go around!

The "lady" - What the !#$%??? Why the !#$% did you block the road? I go down this !#$%ing street everyday!

Me - Well, today you will just have to turn around and go another way. Sorry.

The "lady" - ***BEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEP*** (She then throws trash out of her window.) You are a !#$%ing @#$%^&!

She continues on in that way until she turns around.

I think what ticked me off most was her littering!! There was just no call for that! LOL

Deanna has gone on a diet. Now first let me say that I do NOT condone it.... I have been trying and trying and trying to tell her to just cut out the junk, add more fruits and veggies and exercise more... She is a teenage girl so you can probably figure out how far I got with that...

She and Joshua have a bet going. If she wins (by staying on the diet 3 weeks) she gets to shoot him with an air soft gun. If she cheats on the diet she has to buy Joshua a game.

Can I just say that I am now sick to death of Joshua running to me and asking if XYZ is OK for her to eat?????? OH MY GOSH!!!  I swear he must ask me 10 times a day!!!!

Thankfully there is just one more week to go!! I hope we can all get through it without taping Joshua's mouth shut!! LOL

If you've been following along you know that we spent 2 weeks in 2 hotel rooms.... SIGH....

Joshua - Oh, no!!! Dad is going down to the other room to use the bathroom! I was getting ready to go down there and play a game. I guess I'll just have to wait now.

The next day The Hubby went back down to the 2nd room.... As he came out of the bathroom Joshua says, "It stinks in here," in a very depressed tone. LOL

One day the hotel decided to check the fire alarms in the rooms. Over and over and over again. We were about ready to hurt someone by the time it was over.

One day (still while staying at the hotel) Joshua comes up from the vending machines.

Joshua - I am NEVER getting on that elevator again! I swear it's possessed! It made this awful noise!

He then tried to imitate it.

The next day I talk him into going down to the laundry with me.

He was right. The elevator was DEFINITELY possessed. It took a few days before I could be convinced to ride on it again.... It sounded like the elevator from hell!!!!

I realized yesterday that I made a BIG mistake in my sewing room/library..... I accidentally covered all the outlets with bookshelves!!!!

I was in a bit of a panic for a little while until I saw that if I pulled one of the shelves out just a tiny bit, I could fit my hand behind there and reach an outlet. SHEW!!!

Some days I think my brain is on vacation. I just wish it would take the rest of me with it!!!!

The Hubby was going down the stairs the other night and we hear - OUCH!! What the HE&&???

Colin - My booby trap worked!!!

The Hubby - I hate Legos.

And now for some of my favorite LOLCats! ;)

As usual I pretty much forgot a lot of the stuff that happened. I even added stuff to my iPhone this time but instead of writing what happened I left myself keywords.... With my memory that didn't help very much.... LOL I still can't remember what "wainbows" means!!!


  1. Thanks for letting me be a fly on your wall! Tell Colin sometimes I feel so hungry I think stomach acid is eating away at my insides too. Chocolate fixes that everytime:)

  2. LOL!! He's always down for some chocolate!!! ;)

  3. Your pictures are always so fun. I love the story about the diet contest. Kids are so crazy when it comes to winning something. Think of it as them bonding :)
    I'm so glad you are out of the hotel and into your new home. I'm even more glad that the horrible woman in the car with the horrible mouth didn't end up being your neighbor. Whew! For the record, bookshelves trump outlets every time!

  4. LOL!! THANK YOU!!!!!
    Yeah, I am so glad I haven't had to deal with that woman again. I still can't believe she threw trash in the yard!!! CRAZY!!

  5. Stacy, I heart this so bad!! This is one of THE funniest Fly posts I have ever read---girl, you knocked this out of the ball park. I'm going to be reading it again because the things your family said--and the air soft pistol bet--- OMG HILARIOUS!!

  6. I had to stay in a hotel room....A hotel room...singular....with 3 kids. You can imagine how that went. lol. I have banned Lego's from my house, because I HATE HATE HATE stepping on them. Monopoly houses are a close second.....

    I'm happy you are into your new home. Congrats!

  7. ROFL!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

    I wish we had this back before I moved to Georgia. The things my oldest 2 boys got into were epic. Maybe I should do a Fly from the Past!! LOL

  8. OH!! I stepped on a Monopoly house the other day. I thought it was a Lego!!
    HUGS for the hotel room!! SOOO NOT FUN!!!!

  9. ROFLOL! You do realize that you'll have your hands full with Smarty Pants (C2) there, lol!!

  10. OOOH, most definitely.... LOL I can't already see it... And there's no place to hide! LOL

  11. Staying in a hotel sound great until you have to be there more than a night or two.
    We've been having plumbing issues so we're sharing one and a half bathrooms right now. I can appreciate the challenges that go with that. :/
    So glad you got all moved in and keeping my hopes up the honker found herself a big pothole in her travels.

  12. HUGS for the plumbing issues!! Not fun at all!!!
    OOOH!! Yeah, a pothole!!! That sounds perfect!!! LOL

  13. The elevator video had my colleagues and I in stitches! Nice article, by the way. TGIF!!!

  14. Colin is just too funny. But I'm sitting here laughing, picturing your face the minute you realized you'd covered all the outlets with book shelves!

  15. Thank you!!!! :D
    That video is PRICELESS!!!! I laughed so hard that I was crying!!!

  16. ROFL!! So glad no one had a camera..... I swear I worry about myself... LOL

  17. Isn't moving SO MUCH FUN? We moved quite some time ago from one town to another and it really was a pain! I should blog about it...

  18. Definitely blog about it!!! LOL I am hoping the moving is done for a while. 3 states in 6 months is a but much even for me! LOL


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