August 7, 2013

Great Finds at the Used Book Store

We have an AMAZING used book store here. I have never seen the like. I get all weak in the knees just thinking about it! They have just about EVERYTHING!! They also have DVDs, games, CDs, comics, and instruments. My whole family loves that store and we have been at least a dozen times in the past couple of months.

They also have a HUGE bin outside for free books. FREE BOOKS!! OMGOSH!!!!!!

Yesterday I got some pretty great deals!!

For less than $5 I got -

Missing the poster but otherwise complete.


I was also able to pick up Deanna's preferred chemistry text -


for $4!

I am soooo not a fan of text books but Deanna LOVES the Abeka science books and has used them every year that we have homeschooled. If she loves them then I am more than willing to overlook my aversions. ;) Other than those we only use texts for math.

In the FREE bin I found -

I picked up a BUNCH of the old Sesame Street Library books in the free bin, too. I loved those SO much when I was a kid.

Not a bad haul!!!

I could spend days in that store.


  1. WOW! What bookstore? Those look awesome, especially the Usborne, Chemistry, and Matisse!

  2. McKay Used Books on Papermill! I <3 that place!!!

  3. totally going. I keep seeing commercials for them and have driven past, but never made it in yet. Thanks for the virtual push out the door.

  4. You will love it! Be prepared to spend quite some time checking everything out! Lol

  5. What great finds... proud you found that store..

  6. OMG I couldn't LIVE without my local used book store! I am a HUGE reader and I just love going in there and seeing all the books at such a great discount price. Our store also lets me return books and use them as credit towards my next purchase. Cant beat that!

  7. That is GREAT!!
    Ours is the same way! You just can't beat!! <3!!!


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