August 4, 2013

My SUPER Cheap Homeschool Planner

_0000_spiral-notebook-hi 2

Wanna know how much I paid for my homeschool planner??? Well, I'm about to tell you..... 17 cents. Yes, you read correctly. 17 cents.

You're thinking, but I can get one online for free! BUT if you want to put it in the hands of your teens you'll have to print it alllll out and THAT will cost you more than 17 cents. ;)

But, you say, my teens can access it from the computer. BUT, I say, how much easier would it be for them to have a hard copy in their hands?? MUCH easier. ;)

Here is how I turn a cheap notebook into a planner.

homeschool planner 005

You simple take a ruler (or a book edge if you can't find said ruler) and draw in the boxes. 5 across for the days and however many down you need for the subjects.

homeschool planner 006

Over on the side you can write in the subjects.

Easy peasy and SUPER cheap!!!!

I used to buy planners for about $5 each for the older 3 kids. One year the planners I always used were discontinued. I didn't want to print alllll of that out. What a PAIN!! So, I decided to make my own and have ever since! :D

We always personalize for each kid. That usually means printing out pictures of favorite bands, movies, games, books, etc and gluing them to the front! LOL But you know what else would work? I bet you could make a fabric cover for them, too. You could probably even use my book cover tutorial to help with that! LOL Then there's tying ribbons to the spiral section like I listed in my back to school sewing round up. SO MANY IDEAS!!!! And they would all still be cheaper than the fancy shmancy planners. ;)

With the younger 2 kids, I use a composition book and just keep a running list of themes. Then I use that same composition book to write out the units. Next, I write the units on here for everyone to use.



  1. Target has planners in the dollar spot right now. $1 is more than 17 cents though!

  2. OMGOSH! I had NO idea!!! But, yep, still more than 17 cents! LOL

  3. Thank you, Heather!!! You are the greatest!!!!

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  5. I love this idea! I don't have to waste paper and ink printing off all those pages any longer. Thank you!

  6. YAY!!! Thank you!! I am so glad you like it!!! :D

  7. I've been trying to make one and been having no lucky I need one to help me organize my work and my husband's appointment and birthday like all of it like and I don't know what to do cuz I've tried and everything just did not turn out the way I wanted it to your idea looks great


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