August 17, 2013

Making Notebooks Pretty

Pretty Notebooks

Oh. my goodness! I have been SOOOOOO busy!!!! Between Wednesday and Friday, I printed out 500 pages for the first few weeks of school!!! GOOD GRIEF!!! I have been running around getting all the books and supplements and activities and and and together! LOL I'm exhausted and we haven't even started yet! LOL Someone remind me to get all the planning and etc. done at least a month before we start!

ANYWAY, I have been making some of their notebooks prettified for them! LOL

Here is the no sew cover tutorial that I did a few days ago.

And here is the sewing cover tutorial that I did a while back.

And here are the finished products that I did this week.

Pretty Notebook 1

This one is just like the no sew cover except that I cut 2 pieces and left the spiral part exposed. Then I tied ribbons up and down the spiral.

Pretty Notebooks 2

This one is just like the above. I cut and hot glued 2 pieces. Then I hot glued a patch from one of Joshua's Resident Evil games to the front.

Pretty Notebooks 3

This is one of the sewing covers. I did it just like the book covers I did last year. Then I hot glued a big D on the front for Deanna.

There you have it! Very simple ways to personalize the very cheap notebooks! LOL The kids LOVE them!!!!

I have a couple of projects in mind. Hopefully I will soon be showing you a no sew box cover. FINGERS CROSSED!!! ;)



  1. They are just so cute, but I honestly have no idea where you find the time. And I love that there's a no-sewing option!

  2. Cute, cute... eeeh --- school time is here. Know the kids are dreading it.. My grandkids went back a week ago, they sure were not ready for it,ha.

  3. Thank you, Karen!!!!! :)
    Crafting keeps me sane! LOL

  4. Thanks, Judy!
    Yeah, my kids aren't looking forward it! LOL


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