September 16, 2013

The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th






Soooo, Deanna and I decided that our adventure last week deserved a name.... The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th.

We went for an overnight trip to see some family and friends. Instead of staying in a hotel like some of us (ME) wanted, we stayed at a cabin in the woods owned by a business associate of The Hubby. BIG BIG BIG mistake.

Before we left Thursday morning we were already making jokes about how it was going to be Friday the 13th and we would be staying WAY out in the middle of nowhere in a cabin..... We really didn't know how close we were to the truth.....

Thursday started out great. We left early in the morning and got to the in-laws house around 9 their time. Pretty good. We had a very lovely visit and then headed further west.

This is where things start to get interesting.....

It was hot as blue blazes in Middle Tennessee that day. The humidity was AWFUL!! So, we weren't in all that great of a mood to begin with. We stop and see some friends. THAT was good. Then we are going to have The Hubby's business associate show us the way to the cabin. Well, he decided to take us on the scenic tour.... SIGH.... We started out going northeast. I start asking The Hubby, "Didn't you say the cabin was at such and such???" Yes, he says. "Well, we are going in the COMPLETE opposite of such and such!!!!"

Then we went east. Then north. Then WEST!! And finally south!! GOOD GRIEF!!!

We keep getting further and further away from civilization. I mean the DEEP boonies!! BFE!!!!

THEN we pass the sign. The sign that said, "Welcome to CAMP blah blah blah!"

WHAT THE???????? WHAT did that sign say??? Yep. That's what it said.

Unh, hunh....  Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. We are in the middle of nowhere. Next to a defunct summer camp. Just GRRRRREAT. Oh, and now the cell phones won't work.

Yep. No cell reception whatsoever.

Sound familiar??? It did to me, too.

The Hubby says, "Good thing I brought my gun!" NOT HELPING!!!!

We finalllllly make it to the cabin. The air isn't on. No central AC. Just 2 window units for a large cabin.  Great.

SIGH.... Is it too late for the hotel???

The Hubby keeps telling me to not worry, I'm going to LOVE it.

Yeah, right!

Now, I have to admit that the cabin was lovely. All antique iron beds and quilts and stuff.

The original log cabin parts are very prominent. Nice. Lots of history.


We go down to the creek for fish for a little while before it gets too dark. The fish just loved all worms but none of them were actually big enough to catch. YAY, worms guts in my fingernails. BLECK!!!!

We get driven back into the cabin by night falling.

Now, to keep the kids occupied until bed time. SIGH........ NOT EASY!!!

FINALLY it's time for bed. Everyone gets washed up and in to their jammies.  Time for bed!


Colin, "ARRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! There's a monster spider over the bed!!!!!!!!"

Kill the spider but the kids are completely spazzing out.

Is it too late for that hotel????

Colin is crying and keeps asking if we can just go home now.

We get everyone calmed down some and get ready to crawl under those pretty quilts.....


Me, "ARRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!! MOUSE POOP ON THE BEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I continue to lose my mind for a while. Talking about some of us (ME) had wanted to go to a hotel.......

OK, there's a comforter folded over the bottom of the beds. Maybe we can just spread those over the beds.

Except that the comforters are covered in at least a couple inches of dust.


There's an armoire in the corner. I find some relatively clean blankets in them and spread those over the beds.

Ok, nighty-night!

We crawl on the beds, put our heads on the pillows and smell mold.

REALLY????? REALLY??????????


Grab towels from the bathroom to cover the pillows.

Crawl back on the beds. Lie down and...............

Cailey starts crying. She's scared of mice and spiders.

I finally convince her that they are all gone but by then it's after midnight and we are getting up at 5 am.

I can say that sleeping in the van crossed my mind several times that night. The only thing keeping me from it was the thought of psycho killers roaming the woods.

THE NEXT MORNING (now Friday the 13th)

One of The Hubby's friends stayed at the cabin and we were to follow him out the next morning.

THAT is when we encountered fog like I have only seen in the movies.

Deanna, "This is horror movie fog!"

Me, "Well, we just lived through a horror movie of sorts. At first it was just The Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th. Now it's The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th."


I swear that all of this is true. You may ask if The Hubby lived through it. I can assure you that it was a VERY close thing. I thought of killing him several times that night while trying to go to sleep while thoughts of mice, spiders, snakes and psycho killers flitted through my mind.

I hope your Friday the 13th was MUCH MUCH MUCH better than mine!!!

There's more to this story (MUCH MORE) but you will have to wait until Fly on the Wall. ;)

Oh, and if your Hubby ever tries to convince you to stay at someone's cabin, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. All those things are just part of the experience - they're, character-builders, really.

    Our last cabin-in-the-woods story had similar elements, and we survived, through creaky mattresses and shoe-box-sized accommodations and *lack of Internet and television.*

    At least no one in your party decided to "go investigate" a mysterious noise. That's always trouble in a horror pic.

  2. LOL! At one point, we were all about to go in different directions and Deanna yells, "And THAT'S how it all starts! No way! You are leaving me in a room by myself!"

  3. I'm glad y'all came to visit you should have turned around and stayed here we would have found everyone somewhere to sleep lol

  4. LOL! I definitely thought about it, Lisa! LOL But there was no way I was finding my way out of there in the dark!!!!

  5. I would have taken my chances with the psycho killers roaming the woods. Just sayin'.

  6. It definitely crossed my mind a time or ten...... LOL

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