September 20, 2013

Fly on the Wall - September

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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OH, BOY!! Do I have some GREAT stuff for you this month!!! I remembered to write it all down AND I kept up with the list!! Am I on top of things or what???? LOL

Let me set the scene for you....

Deanna has gone out the front door to put the trash bag in the can. I am sitting at the dining room table typing away on my laptop.

She opens the front door to come back in the house. She then slams the door and has a look of absolute shock and horror on her face like she has just seen a horrible accident.

Me - Are you OK? What happened?

Deanna - I almost DIED!

Me - OMGOSH! Come here! Are you OK? What HAPPENED???

Deanna - I was.. I was... ATTACKED BY A SQUIRREL!!!

Me - Wha?????

Deanna - OMG!! I think it was rabid.

Me - WHAT happened???

Deanna - I was just minding my own business and taking the trash out. I heard a scratching sound but thought it was a stray cat. I tossed the bag into the can and then a NINJA SQUIRREL jumped out. It almost got me. It jumped on the tree all upside-down and ninja-like! I could have DIED!!!

Me - *hysterical laughter*

Deanna - What's so funny???? I was nearly killed by a psychotic squirrel!!!! LOOK! It's still out there??? What was it doing in the trash can anyway??? Squirrels are herbivores! It was DEFINITELY rabid!

Me - We do eat vegetables on occasion.....

Deanna -  Not that often.

The next day -

Deanna comes running through the door.

Deanna - It's still out there! It's trying to get me! I saw it trying to get into the chimney by my room!!!

Deanna - Every since I had that dream about Big Bird, I just can't look at him the same.

(She apparently had a nightmare that Big Bird tried to kill her.)

Me - At least you didn't dream that you had to shoot Dan Aykroyd with a crossbow in a biker bar!

Hey, he was trying to kill me!!!

So, I'm scrolling through Facebook and I happen to see a similar ecard to the one above. Only, this one didn't have the German on it. I had to look that up.

ANYWAY, I start shouting "ICH LIEBE DICH!" Scared Deanna half to death. It was awkward for a moment.

Afterwards she got into the spirit and we freaked the rest of the house out. ;)

Cailey loves all animals and I do mean ALL. She came in from outside one evening with a handful of slugs! She was having a good ol' time playing with them.... UNTIL she realized how hard it was to get all the slime off of her hands.

Deanna and I were watching America's Cutest Pet when she says, "OMGOSH! I am so dumb!"

Me - What?? You're not dumb!

Deanna - Oh, you have NO idea! You just have NO idea about what I almost did!

Me - Well, now you have to tell me.

D - No way!!!!

Me - Oh, yes! You can't just say something like that and leave it hanging. Nuh, unh! You better spill!

D - Well..... SIGH..... OK..... I saw that cute little kitty and I ..... umm.... was getting ready to try to call it out of the tv....

Me - *hysterical laughter*  FLY ON THE WALL!!!!!

Jacob and Joshua were playing Timesplitters.

Joshua - I kept shooting and shooting! I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any points! THEN I realized.... I am ON the red team!!!

Joshua - I still can't get over the name that Live gave me. SIGH..... Crabbyblock ***????? REALLY????

Setting the scene -

Cailey and Colin have a friend (we'll call her K) over and they are running all over the house playing. I am sitting at the dining room table (yep, on my laptop) and Jacob and Joshua are in the living room playing a game.

K - Spell i puppy.

Cailey - I p u p p y. HUH???

Then the giggles start.

Jacob - What?? i-p-u-p-p-y???  (his voice holds a note of bewilderment) i-p  u-p-p y??? (you can hear his eyes rolling at this point)

Jacob to Joshua - That's not even close! When we were kids we were cool. It was spell I cup. HA! MUCH better!

Me - *hysterical laughter*

The boys continue on in this vein for quite a while.

Joshua - Googley Elmo invented the radio.

Me - What?????

Joshua - Yeah, Googley Elmo.

Me - Marconi invented the radio.

Joshua - Yeah, Googley Elmo Marconi.

Me - OH, you mean Guglielmo Marconi.

Joshua - That's what I said. Googley Elmo!

We are traveling back from Hilton Head when we see the above sign.

My Dad - Hey! Look! There's the Bat Cave!

Colin - Na na na na na BATMAN!!!!

Sooo... Jacob and Joshua were playing against each other on Just Dance 4 the other night.... They actually got into an argument over who did better. Joshua seems to have skunked Jacob on Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, while Jacob trounced Joshua on Selena Gomez's Love Song. Yeah.... It was a strange, strange night.

The Fog at the Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th.... That's where you can read the full story. Here are some of the parts that I left out.

Me, practically standing in the creek while yelling up at my phone - JOSHUA, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, WE CAN'T GET OUR CELLS TO WORK. CAN'T CALL YOU!!!

Me, putting the worms on the hook for Cailey. Yes, I can bait my own hooks. I just don't like to if I can keep from it. BLECK!!!!

Me, the look on my face the ENTIRE time we were there.......

Deanna  when she realizes no cell phone reception also means no wi-fi.

Cailey and Colin when they realize no cable.

Deanna's face when she realizes that I was NEVER exaggerating about the humidity in Nashville.

The Hubby's face when my mother-in-law pulled out a TON of baby pics of him and started passing them around. My fave was the one with him on the toilet. ;)

Poor Cailey at my mother-in-law's house when her dog realizes that she is the only one scared of him. Poor Cailey was shaking like a leaf! Thor wouldn't leave her alone.

Oh, and Thor looks like this

He's at least part Min Pin.

Sooo, it was a little late when we started heading back home. Deanna was riding up front with me and we may have had a little too much caffeine...... Everyone else was asleep, which just proves my theory that they can sleep through ANYTHING!

Anyway.... We were listening to the radio and getting a little loopy and silly. We did the opera voices to "We Are the Champions." Pretty soon things got out of hand and we started changing the lyrics to all the songs to stuff about pie. Yeah, pie..... Deanna outdid herself. ;)

So, did you make it through all of that? Still with me?? Then you most definitely want to check out the other blogs on the list. They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My mom had this little dog that slept in the linen closet in the bathroom. EVERY SINGLE TIME my kids had to use the bathroom, the dog would growl at them and wouldn't let them in. Dogs are mean.

  2. And people wonder why I'm a cat person! LOL

  3. I really want to come join your family!

  4. ROFL!!! Thanks!! Come on over! There's plenty of room! ;)

  5. You guys are hysterical. But I can't stop giggling and picturing you standing in a creek yelling at your cell phone.

  6. Lol! I'm just glad no one tried to take a pic!! Lol

  7. I love all of this. I was going to say a million wonderful things, and then I read on another blog are not a Michigan fan. Stacey! What am I going to do with you!!??LOL Please tell me you're not a buckeye. I can't even capitalize it...
    On the other hand, I feel the pain of realizing there isn't any cell service, cable or wifi. It cuts deep. You should have recorded your voices singing that awesome song!

  8. Roflol!!! I am definitely not a Buckeye fan!! Black!! I am a Mountaineer!! ;)

  9. This may be my second comment if it is sorry, my phone was acting afool...
    The icup is a fan favorite around here too...
    A deadly ninja squirrel, poor girl but it sure is funny!

  10. Love this! Of course I zeroed in on the squirrel story since I'm obsessed with them. Tell your daughter to carry around a bag of peanuts with her next time haha!

  11. SO glad my kids aren't the only ones that love icup! LOL

    She is now convinced that all squirrels, everywhere, want to do her bodily harm. LOL

  12. ROFL!!! I think she's too scared to attract more attention from them! ;)

  13. LOL sounds like you have as much fun in your house as we used to when our kids were young and living at home. This post was funny but made me sad and miss my boys even more.
    Googley Elmo and the ninja squirrel!!! LOL

  14. ROFLOL! Ninja Squirrel!! I may have to see if I can make her a squirrel hat... ;-P

  15. Congratulations on your Good Neighbor Nomination and enjoy the first week of Autumn.


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