December 18, 2013

The Ice Storm of December 2013

The Ice Storm

So you may have heard about the ice storm some of us in south received about 10 days ago. YILES!!!! Luckily we were without power for only a few hours. The roads were an absolute mess!!! There were trees down all over the place. We lost a TON of big branches.

Here are some of the pictures I took the next morning.

Ice Storm 2013 031

This is what our power lines looked like! YILES!!

Ice Storm 2013 029

Ice Storm 2013 024

Ice Storm 2013 023

Ice Storm 2013 022

It was soooo pretty!! But I think I'll take snow instead. ;)


  1. Those pics are beautiful, but I'm sure it still wasn't a fun situation.

  2. Oh Stacy,
    beautiful ---but no fun at all.. In 1994 [yes, I will never forget the year.ha] we had a super ice storm.. Trees were breaking ,it sounded like guns were firing everywhere.. We lost power for 16 days, Lost everything in our freezers.. A total nightmare... [and we were more fortunate than alot of people, We had gas space heaters, so at least ,we had some heat.We also lost water for 3 days [very scary] Our fire dept, came around from house to house with the firetruck, and all the families met them with any big container they could find, to get water..
    My husband worked for the government [Natchez Trace Parkway].They were trying to get the trees off the trace, and the more they cut and pushed with machinery, the more would fall.Finally, they closed the trace off , for many a mile.
    My heart goes out to you.. Hope all is gone and you have no more ice.. Yes to snow..but no to ice.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. Oh, Judy! How awful!!!
    I remember that ice storm very well. We were living in Nashville at the time. Jacob was just a baby. We lost power for about 3 or 4 days. Thankfully we borrowed a kerosene heater or we would never had made it!
    I put everything from our fridge out on the porch to keep it good. I learned that little trick growing up with WV blizzards! LOL
    I can remember The Hubby and I playing on the ice on the road. Maybe I should say mostly falling on the ice on the road... LOL



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