December 21, 2013

Even More Christmas Crafts for Kids

Even More Christmas Crafts for Kids

SHEW!! We have been busy little elves around here! The kids have been making things left and right! I have to keep thinking up new things to keep them busy!

Christmas Crafts 2013 006 Christmas Crafts 2013 10 004

We made cardboard stockings and painted them.

Christmas 2013  Collage 11

We made coffee filter snowflakes and decorated them with glitter glue.

Christmas 2013 Collage 10

We also made aluminum foil Christmas trees and painted them. That was a definite favorite!!

Then we made something very special for a friend but you won't be seeing that until next week. ;)

We also played around with cornstarch and baking soda clay but they wouldn't leave them alone long enough to dry. We ended up with crumbled messes all over the place. :(


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