February 11, 2014

Living Books for History

History Living Books

Oh, my goodness. I have been having a time with my laptop!! It keeps going on me. After fighting with it for hours I can get it back up and running but I know it's time to replace it. YILES!!! So here I am, working on the desktop. BLECK!! It's so weird!! LOL I much prefer my laptop!! Everything is different on this old desktop.

Anyway, lately I have been thinking a lot about the different living books that we use. I have mentioned they here and there in different homeschooling posts and I always put lists of books with my resource posts but I thought I would do a few that were just about the books. I definitely have several favorites!

Most of these books fall into the upper elementary/middle school zone but there are some that even my high schoolers enjoy. I'll mark those with ***.

I will arrange them by "type" of history, although several will fall into both categories.


***Horrible History and Horribly Famous - TV episodes of Horrible History can be found on Netflix

Value Tales - I loved these as a child and was lucky enough to find several titles for sale at a FOL sale!

Ms Frizzle's Adventures - Ms Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series go on a few historical adventures.

*** Young Royals Series 

*** Wicked History - Very much like the Horribly Famous series.

*** The Royal Diaries - Like Dear America


American Kids in History series- hands on activities

American Girls - Movies for some titles and don't forget about the dolls!

*** Dear America - Shoot, even I enjoy a lot of them! ;)

*** My Name Is America - the male counterparts to the Dear America series

Picture Book Biographies - I put this under American History but I believe there is one or two that are NOT.

If You..... Series - Again, all but one or two are American History.

Childhood of Famous Americans

Heroes of America 

Jean Fritz Books

A History of US


Time Warp Trio - Also has a TV series that's available on DVD

***DK Eyewitness - Also has DVDs for several topics

Who Was____? Series - fun, short biographies

Magic Tree House Currclick has a free online book club. Don't forget about the accompanying non-fiction resource guides for a lot of the titles!

History in a Hurry

Kaleidoscope Kids Books - Hands on activities

You Wouldn't Want to...... Series - If you play around on the site you can find a few online for free.

Chicago Review Press - Hands on activities

Don't Know Much About ....  - My high schoolers enjoy the adult versions of the series.


David McCullough - American History

David Nevin - American History

So, there you have it! A list of my "go to" living history books! There are too many single titles to list but I wanted to give you my favorite series!

I guess I could add Little House on the Prairie, Love Comes Softly (Canadian West) (12 and up) (also movies) and  Canadian West Series (12 and up) (also a TV show When Calls the Heart) as a few non-typical favorites, at least for girls.


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