February 7, 2014

Secret Subject Swap - February 2014

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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Valentines Day

My subject is, If you had the chance, would you go to an ANTI VALENTINES DAY party and why?  It was submitted byhttp://dates2diapers2.blogspot.com   .

Here goes:

Would I??? WOULD I??? You bet ya!!!!!!! Why???? Well, let me fill you in on that.


You would think that being a married person would mean that Valentine's Day would never suck again. And if you thought that way, you would be WRONG!!! Oh, so WRONG!!!!!

I have married a very practical, very unromantic man. I can count on one hand the number of romantic things he has done in the almost 22 years we have been a couple. SIGH.......

One year he even said, "But I thought Valentine's Day was just for kids."

Yes, people, I did let him live but it was  Very Close Thing.

At least if I went an Anti Valentine's Day Party, I would be around people that know how I feel! They would "get me". We could sit around and dis stupid St Valentine and Cupid until we felt better!

We could knock back a few drinks and play "Shoot Cupid with an Arrow" (like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" only way more violent).

Yeah, that sounds like FUN!!!!

We could take a page from "Valentine's Day" and beat the heck out of a large, heart-shaped pinata!

Sounds like a good time to me!!!!

Now, before we all go and beat the snot out of The Hubby, I will tell you the most romantic thing he ever did.

It was Valentine's Day 2003. A few weeks before I had had life saving surgery. My gall bladder was sooooo bad that the doc said I would not have made it past the weekend (this is a whole other story where I rant and rave about our health care system).

The Hubby suggests that I call my Dad and see if they will babysit the kids that night. It was YUCKY out. I wasn't really feeling it but I agreed to call anyway. (Little did I know that he had prearranged this with my Dad.) Then I set out to take the kids to Dad's.

When I got back the house was empty! Hmmm... WTH??? Then I noticed a little box tacked to wall. WTH???

I opened the box and found a note. The note said to "go next door".

I went to his friend's house next door and he had another box for me. That one said "go to Kim's work".

I went to the store that my friend Kim worked at and she had another box for me. That one said "go to my work and look under the sink in the break room".

So off I go. I get to The Hubby's work and found ANOTHER box. This one said "Hampton Inn room 223".

I get there and knock on the door. The Hubby opens it and he actually had FLOWERS and CANDY and a stuffed BEAR!!!!

Who are you and what did you do with my husband????

It was the best Valentine's Day I have ever had.


Maybe I should remind him of this???


Now, don't forget to check out the amazing bloggers who are sure to be MUCH more entertaining than I am!


  1. That was super sweet of your husband, but dude...get with the program! lol

    I don't think my husband has done anything "romantic" for me.....he did surprise me with a pair of pj pants and a blanket one year, because I was complaining about how cold I was. Is it bad that he has probably done a lot of sweet things, but this is the only thing that sticks out?

  2. I would love to shoot cupid with his own arrows. It would be fun! My husband can be romantic, but with 3 kids and 1 car we shop at the same time and give it to each other our presents in the car. Not very romantic, but babysitters are expensive and no family around. Yea we lost the romance on this holiday!

  3. LOL No, not bad at all!

    Maybe this year will be better! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  4. OH! I know how that is!!! We have 5 kids plus an extra and 1 vehicle as well... I so know how that is! LOL

  5. I love that your husband surprised you with the hotel; but come on. :) I think it's harder when you're married just for the fact that you're together everyday. If my man and I can make it through a day without nitpicking at each other, it's a holiday! Please Youtube the SNL valentines commercial for CVS. It's hilarious and will show you how most men view Valentine's.

  6. Oh!! I will definitely check those out!! THANKS!!!

  7. I'm anti-vd as a general rule. Most years, I make anti-Valentine's Day cookies with dark icing and write nasty, rude things on them. Lol.

    Cute story. I hope maybe he'll do something special for you soon!

  8. That sounds like an IDEA!!! LOL
    Maybe it would help him get the point? LOL

  9. NO ONE can make an anti-Valentine's Day party sound more fun than you can. If you ever throw one, I'm there?
    And the one Valentine's Day your husband did right? Oh my, he did that SO right!

  10. LOL! Thanks, Karen!!!

    I told him that it just proves he has it in him SOMEWHERE!! LOL

  11. That was very sweet of him. He must be kin to my husband. he has in 25 years given me a gift 1 time. YES 1 time in 25 years. He is not romantic at all. Vday is for young, in lust kids. lol

  12. LOL! I guess it must be! At least to their minds anyway!

  13. I love the box treasure hunt! What is he going to do 2014? Somebody should tag him so he can read the hints!!!
    Otherwise I agree, most men seem to lack the fuzzy gene. That's what they married US for, right?

  14. That one over the top romantic gesture would almost make up for 22 years of non-romance. (almost)

    I'm with you on the anti-valentines day party. I remember when I was 18 I worked in a massive call centre and on valentines day I watched a heap of delivery drivers come in with massive bouquets for some of my co-workers and I was just sitting at my desk like the forever alone guy. Stupid St Valentine.

  15. NOOOO!! No tagging him! LOL He never reads my blog, I could end up in the dog house! ;)

  16. That was a fun V.D. ! They don't happen too often thats for sure! I would go to an anti VD party as well. Even though I have been coupled up for years it is not my favorite holiday.

  17. I say we dump Valentine's Day and have 2 Halloweens instead! ;)

  18. Stacy, I laughed when I read this.. SO funny.. I think what your hubby did in 2004 was absolutely the sweetest thing.. So , we know , he has it in him.lol.
    My husband is really sweet, Every year , he buys me a box of heart shaped candy.. Of course ,we have been married for fixing to be 42 years.. and in our younger days.. That is what fellows did..give candy.. And girls didn't give the fellow a gift at all... Things have changed, haven't they? ha Kenny is super sweet..
    But , for me the most important thing is... what is the hubby like.. every other day of the year? I take the loving husband all year long...over the romantic valentine day hubby..
    Hugs my friend.. and Hope you have the best valentine day ever..

  19. That is awesome, Judy!!! 42 years!! That is wonderful!!!

    I agree, the every day is better than just the special days. :D

  20. That was a Super Romantic thing. I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe he hits his head and does something great this year! ;)

  21. so awesome babe!!! my hubby's idea of romantic gifts is roses from a gas station and chocoloates....I rather just have a homemade card from Dino and take out so I don't have to cook! I hate the commericalism of it all...even son's daycare party. we made homemade cards with NO candy, just a pencil and eraser.

  22. I would take the roses and candy. LOL Anytime of year!
    Commercialization has taken over everything. It's crazy! Valentine's stuff was out before Christmas was even over! CRAZY!!!


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