February 12, 2014

Living Books for Science

Living Books for Science

I'm back with a new list today! Living Books for Science! If you missed yesterday's post it was on Living Books for History.

There are TONS and TONS and TONS of single books that I like for science but today I am going to focus on the series or authors. I would be here forever if I tried to start listing the singles! LOL

Most of these will be for elementary/middle school ages BUT there are a few that my high schoolers enjoy as well. I'll mark those with ***.

*** DK Eyewitness

Magic School Bus - Don't forget episodes! You can find them on Netflix and YouTube! The science kits are wonderful. They can be found on Amazon.

*** Horrible Science - They also have science kits but we haven't tried them...YET!!

Let's Read and Find Out Science - Great for younger kids!

See How They Grow - Another series that is really good for young kids.

National Geographic Kids Book Series (Although the magazine is AWESOME as well!!!!)

Discovery Kids - Another great series with a great magazine. *** The high schoolers really like the magazine!

The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! - GREAT TV series on PBS to go along with the books!

*** Janice VanCleave's Science Books - Hands on!!! Some of them have even captured the attention of my high schoolers!

The Magic Tree House - Most people think history when they think about this series BUT they have TONS for science as well. Currclick has a free book club for the series.

Read About Science 

Science Workshop

Wells of Knowledge Science Series

Time for Kids

*** Don't Know Much About... - True, most of the books are history BUT there are a few that are on science topics. They have dinosaurs and the solar system to name two. My high schoolers like the adult versions of the books.

How Does It Happen 

Explore Your World - Hands on!! I forgot to add this to my history list!!!

Usbourne - AWESOME science books! And another that I forgot to add to my history list!! ARGH! I need all my books unpacked!!!

My First Discoveries - GREAT for younger kids.

*** For Dummies Series -  I know, I know... That's not a nice title but the older kids really enjoy the books. They think they are funny and engaging. THAT'S what counts! ;)

*** Idiot's Guides - Same as above. ;) The site has videos for different topics. Click on those and it shows a selection of books.

*** Isaac Asimov

There's another science series that I have for my older kids but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called! And of course, they are still packed!! ARGH!!!!

These are not books but are still GREAT-  SmartLab Toys. Cailey and Colin love the Squishy Brain, Squishy Body and Squishy T-Rex. Wish I had remembered to add that to my dinosaur resources!! Good grief, if I only had a brain!!!



  1. Liam loves The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That! He even sings, "go, go, go adventure!" Haha! I cannot wait to check these out! Maybe I'll learn something! Science is not one if my strengths. Lol!

  2. LOL!! You need to get him on video!! LOL
    We try to keep science fun around here. We try to do A LOT of hands on, too.

  3. HI Stacy,
    You are getting a lot of school work done.. How is your weather? Snow and ice here.. so ready for spring. ha
    Sure am missing your sewing..know you are too.. Have you found a house yet? Know you hate to move again..eeek..
    Have a great day..

  4. I wish we had snow here. All we've has is a dusting. WAH!!!!!
    Thank you. I DO miss sewing SOOOOO much!!
    No house yet but we've promised one by summer. SIGH... It looks like we will be stuck in this one until then. BUT I am making plans to make more room so I can unpack more things. If we are going to be in this house that long I might as well! LOL

  5. Bless your heart.. You are a very nice person to be able to handle all this packing and unpacking..ha
    Wish I could have sent the snow your way.. I don't want it.. but the snow ice cream was really good..lol [My grandkids that live 3 hours from us, just hated that they didn't get any snow... being the sweet Maw ,that I am, I took photos of the snow.. and of course the bowl of snow ice cream...].. You guessed it, They were calling me for sure.hahahaha. But, that was the most fun... teasing them..
    Have a great week.

  6. Thank you, Judy! I am not looking forward to it but then again I am.... LOL Not the actual moving part but the getting in a bigger house! ;)

    OH! That is too funny!!!! LOL Too bad you can't put them some in the freezer! LOL


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