October 28, 2014

One Pattern, Endless Costume Ideas

I bought a pattern just over 2 years ago to use for Colin's costume. My first time sewing a costume, EVER!!!!!

I think I paid $1 for it at a Hancock's or Joann's pattern sale.

M6185, Toddlers'/Children's Costumes

He has always loved dinosaurs and wanted to be one that year. Perfect!!  

 This is the dinosaur costume I made with McCall's 6185.

Then I had a friend contact me asking if I could make her son's costume. He loves Snoopy but all the costumes she could find were crazy expensive and not well made.

Using the SAME pattern, just sizing it up, I made Snoopy!!!

Then this year Colin wanted to be Pichu, a Pokemon. Oh, boy.... HOW ON EARTH???? 

Well, I broke out that same old pattern, once again sizing it up. 

And we have Pichu!!!! 

It's all in the details! You can buy one single pattern and make it into whatever animal, Pokemon, clown, joker, monster, what-have-you... just by changing out the details! 

Sizing this type of pattern up or down is super easy since the pieces are so basic. 

$1 pattern, endless possibilities!!!! SEW EXCITING! ;)

What do you think???? Colin is absolutely thrilled with his costume! YAY!! Score one for mom!!!

Thank goodness, because the Anna dress is quickly becoming a major FAIL!!! SIGH.... At least we can cover the dress with the cape, right????



  1. That turned out amazing! I'll have to show Pablo! ;) I love how you keep using the same pattern!!!

  2. I knew you'd figure this costume out eventually but WOW, you did such a great job. Colin looks adorable.

    1. Thank you so much!!! He LOVES it. SHEW!!!!! Now, if I could only find the time to finish the other.

  3. Adorable... Know Collin loves it.. And isnt it fun ,when you get to reuse patterns over and over.. Cant wait to see your anna dress Bet it will be just as cute.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy!!!

      Anna is giving me fits. SIGH.... I hope I can pull it off somehow. :/


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