October 3, 2014

Secret Subject Swap - October 2014


Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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Your “Secret Subject” is:

It's Friday night. You're back in high school. It's football season and there's a home football game. What does your night look like? Are you playing football? Marching in the band? At home hanging with good friends? Playing tennis?

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Ok, yes... I went to allllllllll the games my freshman year. ALLLL the games. 

Not only did I go to all the games but I DRESSED for them! My BFF and I would wear one red shoe and one black shoe. One red earring and one black one. Red shirt and black pants or vice versa. We had our faces painted with OHHS and RED DEVILS!!! 

I had so much school spirit that I even won the Spirit Award, twice. LOL 

BUT what I remember most about those games is this....
There was the one cheerleader that I really didn't care for... I mean I REALLLLLY did not like her. She was always so mean to everyone that wasn't in her clique. So, one night I was wishing that she might take a little tumble from the pyramid. I turned around to shout at some friends and I MISSED IT!! She took a tumble off the pyramid and I MISSED IT!!! Darn it! I had been waiting for karma and I MISSED IT! SIGH.... My friend got to witness it, though. She said it was AWESOME. LOL

I really wish that I had some pictures from back then. All the pictures I had were destroyed in a house fire or a basement flood. 

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  1. I never went to a football game. It's a big deal here now but at the time was not. I think I missed a lot.

    1. I just did that first year. After that I was too busy doing things I wasn't supposed to. LOL

  2. Lol. I think I only went to a game or two. Totally was not my scene. Glad you had the abundant school spirit though!

    (And super glad I have limited high school pics, pretty sure they range from goth to punkish and just some really bad hair styles ;-) )

    1. LOL! I had the BIG late 80s early 90s hair. BUT I was sooooo thin!!! It would be nice to have more proof of that! LOL

  3. I can SO see you winning the Spirit Award . . . twice!
    But I didn't know you had it in you to hope for a little Karmic justice for the mean girl. I have a whole new level of respect for you!

    1. ROFLOL!!! I never could stand the mean girls, bullies and snobs. ;)

  4. My school wasn't large enough to have a football team. :( So I guess I'm a little jealous... but I was a cheerleader for a year. That was fun - maybe I'll post the picture of me in my uniform on the FB page! LOL

  5. You and I could've been great friends! I had enough school spirit for 100 people. I still do. Love my Alma Mater. Go Marists!

    I'm sorry you missed the fall!

    I'm a bit jealous that I never thought of such a creative outfit!

  6. The only time I went to games was to work the security detail for JROTC. I NEVER went for fun........and I had no spirit. haha

    1. LOL!!!
      We had no security at our games. I lived in a teeny tiny town.
      We had no officers in our schools, either. It was a huge shock to me when I went to high school in Nashville and saw actual police officers all over the school.

  7. I love what you did with my prompt! We are in the midst of living this - we have a freshman this year and LIVE at the fields either for practice, games, or volunteering!!! I kinda giggled at the tumble because I was a cheerleader but not a cool one and I had a similar experience - waiting for the mean girl to bite it - and she did - but tI was conducting the marching band (in a cheerleading uniform) and missed it!!!! Sorry you lost all your stuff to fires and floods....that's harsh!! Have a fabulous day!!!!

    1. YAY! So glad you like it!! :D

      Good luck!!! I imagine you'll need it to keep up with all of that! LOL

      Don't ya just loooove karma???? LOL

  8. I miss high school football games. My high school football team is one of the two biggest reasons I love football so much. I mean first football was the thing my dad and I did, on Sundays and Monday night. My sister had no interest in it, so it was a thing that was just me and my dad. Then, high school rolled around. My team sucked. They didn't just lose all the games, but they always lost like 50 something to 0. The players were good by themselves. Most of them wrestled in the off season, and you wouldn't see guys in better physical shape. They trained all year: working out at the gym, running cross country, sitting in garbage bags with the heater on to make wrestling weight, and eating lots of protein... Their skills by themselves weren't bad. We actually had an amazing running back and flanker, and all our yardage we ever gained was usually because of them. But the coach was awful. He'd run when you should pass. Pass when you should run. And the players picked their own positions by vote, so the popular guys got what they wanted. We had a handful of dudes playing ironman football with a bench full of capable players that went unused due to popularity. I think our quarterback had to be color blind because he threw more interceptions than 5 Tony Romos. BUT they always played their hardest, even when the scoreboard told them that there was no hope of winning. That kind of determination... I just love football.

    1. What a great thing for you and your dad to share!!

      I went mostly for the social aspect. LOL NOW I love football for the game itself. Back then I didn't know the difference between a tailback and a quarterback! LOL


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