October 4, 2014

Our Week in Review - State Fair, Michaelmas and More

We were SUPER busy this past week! More busy than usual!! 

We went to the fair on Sunday! SO MUCH FUN! We haven't been since 2011!!! 

On Tuesday the kids had their art and geography classes.

On Wednesday our other homeschool group had their Michaelmas celebration!

I've been working on Halloween costumes! Anna and Pichu are taking shape!

 Cailey and Colin each won 3 prizes, although this picture only shows 2 each.

They JUMPED off the TALL platforms!!! OMG!!! My heart!!! But they loved it!!! 

               They rode every ride they could!

And they ate EVERYTHING! Well, maybe not everything, just cotton candy, pizza, elephant ears, ice cream and lemonade! LOL

They also got to ride ponies but my pictures turned out terrible! :(

In art class they made paint from egg yolks and chalk. It was very easy and I was surprised at how vibrant the colors were!

LOOK at THIS!!! I've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now. The Hubby found it for me at a yard sale for $20!! It is a 1966 Sears Kenmore. I love it. It doesn't actually work right now but I plan on taking it to a repair shop.

LAST week at our Wednesday group, I led the kids in making a papier mache shield like we did when we studied the Middle Ages. We did THAT for our Michaelmas celebration this week.

Deanna is the brave knight on riding her trusty steed to slay the dragon!

This is Colin dressed up as the dragon's fire. 

The kids had SO MUCH fun!!!!!

                    HAVE FUN LEARNING!!!!!!

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