February 3, 2015

DIY Doll Carrier

I had SO MUCH fun with this project!! My cousin is about to have her 2nd child in a couple of months and she commissioned me to sew a doll carrier for her son! He'll be able to carry his own "baby" around just like his mom and dad!!

I wish I had a model for this but it's just too small for my youngest kiddos. :( But I might have to make a couple of bigger ones. ;) 


Less than 1/2 yard of 2 coordinating fabrics
2 coordinating buttons
Paper bag to draw out my pattern
Pinking shears used on the pocket and straps


The first thing I did was grab Cailey's Build-a-Bear bunny to help me measure out the pattern. 


I folded the pattern in half and evened it up where needed. 


Cut out 1 pattern piece for both coordinating fabrics.


Next, cut out the straps. 
Mine are 6" wide by 18" long. The length will vary on how big/small your child is. 
Measure from the center of their chest, diagonal across the back to the side. Then add 4".
The additional length will be for seam allowances and so there will be room to move the button as your child grows.


Cut out your pocket (if you want). Fold the edges over and press.
Sew a line across the top.
Pin in place on the front of piece of the carrier and sew in place.


Pin both of your pieces with right sides together.
You will sew them together EXCEPT between the pins and the across the very bottom.

We will be adding side straps where the pins are to hold the doll in place. We will also be adding the straps to the very bottom.

After you have it all sewn, turn right side out and press. 


Time for the button holes!!!
With my old machine, button holes were a pain in the rump!! Thankfully they are a breeze with my new machine. They come out right every single time! SHEW!!!!


Now for the straps!
Fold your pieces in half and press. 
Sew a seam down the raw edges.
Turn right side out.
Fold in half again and press.
Top stitch down both sides.

Fold the bottom over, press and sew across. 


Add your buttons to the ends of the straps!

STEP 10 

Insert the straps into the bottom of the carrier and pin in place.

Insert side straps into the sides of the back of the carrier and pin in place.

Top stitch the bottom half only!!!! 

Insert the side straps into the sides of the front of the carrier.

Top stitch the rest. Be careful to keep the rest of the carrier out of the way of the needle! It's not as hard as it may first look. ;)

                                      ALL DONE!!!!!!

Cailey's bunny looks so cute!! I am definitely going to have to make her one. She's never been big into dolls but she LOOOOOOOVES stuffed animals!!! They have always been her favorites! 

Let me know if you have any questions! 



  1. Stacy, this is soooooo cute.. I just know the kiddos will love them.. [wish my grandkids were still young enough, I would be making some too.ha]

    1. Thank you so much!!!! :)
      I am definitely going to have to make them for my kids. LOL

  2. Stacy, this is adorable! Little ones would love to have these. I love your patterns and easy instructions. I need to find a kiddo to make it for!!

  3. AWWW!! Thank you SO MUCH, Shellybean!!!! <3 <3 <3

    I'm definitely going to upsize it for mine. I might have to make some as gifts, too. LOL

  4. This is soooo cute! My daughter would have loved something like this.

    1. THANK YOU!!!! :D I was so thrilled with the way it turned out. :)

  5. This looks fun! Do you have any photos of it in use? I'm having trouble visualizing how it works out actually being worn by the child.

    1. Sorry, it was for my cousin's little boy and he is much smaller than my kids.
      The child will slip their arms through the straps OR have the straps cross their back and button in the front. Basically, it works the same as a real baby carrier.

    2. I made the baby carrier yesterday, but now I am having trouble figuring out just how it fits onto the body of the child! I, too , am wondering if you have any pictures of it being worn by a child. Basically it doesn't work like I thought it would. I will have to take the whole back apart and reconfigure the straps.

  6. This is soooo cute! I love it. I'm currently making one for my daughter. She's 4, so I made mine much bigger than yours! I'm having trouble with the straps, though. I have the body of the carrier, and I have the 2 straps, but now I'm having trouble figuring out your directions for how to thread the straps through. Could you help? I'm only supposed to make 2 straps, right? When you say to insert the straps into the bottom and pin in place, how far do the straps go in? Should there be 2 other side straps that are short, that attach the sides of carrier? I'd really appreciate any tips you have! My daughter is so excited about this, and now really frustrated with her mama that I can't figure it out. :)

    1. YAY! So glad you are trying it out!!
      Yes, there are 2 other pieces that go on the sides. They are much shorter.
      For the straps that go over the shoulders, insert them inside the body at about an inch. That ought to stabilize it well.
      Good luck!!

    2. Thank you! I did it!! It looks so cute, and it works! I'm no good at button holes, so I just safety pinned the straps and my daughter was fine with it. :) I just discovered your blog a few days ago, and I'm in love with the outfits you have made for your daughter. Can't wait to try some of those out too!

    3. YAY!!!! I am so so so glad!!!!! :D
      Let me know how the others turn out or if you have any questions at all!! :D
      YAY!!!!! :D

  7. Stacy, I made this adorable carrier but I'm confused about how to attach the straps that go over the shoulders. Can you please provide a picture of the back of the carrier, the part that is against the child's chest?

    1. Can you please provide a picture with the back of this item. I am a little confused. Thank you

  8. Wow this is so amazing we need one for my youngest sister...she always bring her giraffe anywhere we take trips and we're afraid for her to lose it thanks.... I need to start this ASAP.

  9. Beautiful, thanks for sharing, God bless you.


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