March 24, 2015

DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece

I had SO much fun making these!!!!
I first got the idea from a present I bought The Hubby for Valentine's Day. I got him one of those candy bouquets from Kroger. They had candy bars taped to skewers stuck down in styrofoam with deco mesh in a vase. 

For the first one I did (the one on the right) I used the left over parts of that candy bouquet, the styrofoam and deco mesh. 
Then I bought 2 bags of plastic eggs in 2 different sizes. 
I also grabbed some floral wire and fabric scraps (obviously I decided to use some different scraps LOL). 

The eggs I bought already had holes in the tops and bottoms. PERFECT!! Except the wire wanted to go all the way through. :/ 
I grabbed my trusty pal,  the glue gun, and put a little hot glue on the inside of the tops of the eggs. Now they don't slip all the way down. 

Then I just inserted the eggs on wires into the styrofoam (the deco mesh was already there). 

Next, I set the whole thing in the middle of the scrap fabric. 
Pull the fabric up around the sides. Gather it at the top and tie with ribbon.

ALL DONE!!!!!!!

Now, I did that one before I realized that they make eggs on sticks.... Really CUTE eggs on sticks.... SO when I saw those really cute eggs on sticks, I knew I had to make another one!!!!! 

I bought 2 bags of eggs on sticks in 2 different sizes, deco mesh, bobby pins, paper grass stuff, a rectangle piece of floral foam,  and those little eggs that I didn't use. 
$6 for the stuff that I used!!! CHEAP!! Oh, yeah.. I got it all at the Dollar Tree. ;)

Cut a piece of deco mesh (the size is up to you) and twist the center. Secure that by pushing the bobby pin through it in a couple of places.

Insert into the floral foam. 

Now, just stick in those really cute eggs on sticks!!! 

Next, place the floral foam on your scrap fabric. Wrap the fabric and hot glue in place.

Bunch the top of the fabric around the top of the foam and tie the ribbon!! 

ALL DONE!! Now you have some really cute Easter Egg centerpieces that will be irresistible to your cats! Trust me on that one. ;) 

Oh, see those cute bunny ear candles??? A splurge from Yankee Candle. They were toooooo cute to pass up!!!

Oh, and that table runner???? Next week's tutorial!! ;)

So, what do you think???

Any questions??? Don't be afraid to ask!! I am not always as clear as I think I am in my instructions. ;)

HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL!!! Are you ready for the bunny?????


  1. Stacie.. both of them are adorable.. how fun... Love the bunny ear candles too..
    Happy Easter.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy!! I had a lot of fun making them!!! Now if I could just keep the cats off of them!!! LOL

  2. I love these, and I love how adaptable the concept could be to almost any occasion. Beautiful centerpieces you ended up with, and there's just nothing like having made them yourself.

    1. Thank you so much, Karen!!
      You are absolutely right! The theme would be so easy to change!!

  3. If THAT's not a sign of spring being close, I don't know what is! :-)

    I have one question for you: where do you store all of your pretty seasonal decoration? Especially when you make new stuff every year? I remember you told me you have a little house.

    1. THANKS!!!

      Well, we used to live in a teeny tiny house but the one we are in now is much bigger. I have a special hall closet that I store all my decorations in, although, it's starting to get a little crowded! LOL

  4. Your centerpieces are so cute, Stacy! I love the step-by-step directions too. I bet my daughter would love to make these for her first Easter in her new apartment! Craft night!! <3
    BTW, I hope you have the happiest birthday, ever!

    1. Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
      Let me know how they turn out!!! :D

  5. So cute - it's funny how a craft idea can just grow isn't it? I often start out with something fairly simple and just add and add to it as I go along.

  6. I love these so hard! You're so talented! I wish we had a table! I buy some of these from you! :-P
    I haven't decorated since last March. I decorated for Easter and then was hospitalized on March 25th. I didn't even decorate for Christmas. It's shameful really.

    1. AWWW!! You are TOOOOOO sweet!!!!!!
      Most people decorate their mantels but mine is a catch all and is always a mess. GRRRR!!! So we decorate the coffee table. I was against getting it at first because too many of the kids have had accidents because of them.
      HUGS HUGS HUGS!!! I know exactly what you mean. I was in the hospital for 3 days last fall and it took me MONTHS to even think about getting back on track. :/

  7. Such a cute centerpiece. Love it Stacy! 💖💗

    I would love to glitterify those eggs...just saying 😉

    1. Thank you, Jenn!!!!

      Yeah, I think I like the glittery ones better. LOL ;)


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