March 10, 2015

Splish Splash Rain Cape DIY - Blog with Friends - Spring Fever Edition

This is the SPRING FEVER edition of Blog with Friends!! Who's ready for SPRING???? 7 bloggers, 7 projects to help welcome in SPRING!!!!! :D

I decided to go with a lightweight raincape for Cailey. You can wear it over a coat for chilly rainy days or by itself for warmer rainy days. 

This was my first time working with ripstop. I can't say that I am that impressed with it. BLECK!! If I did this over again, I would just keep searching until I found a light weight vinyl OR buy tons of this -

and make my OWN fabric!!!! 

What I Used 

3 yards of blindingly bright ripstop
1 package of Pellon Vinyl Fuse
1/2 yard of chevron
1/2 yard of that other print 

I started off searching and searching for cute vinyl print. SIGH... I found one but it was WAY too heavy to make a cape/coat out of. I bought it anyway. I'm sure I'll figure out some use for it.

Then I grabbed the ripstop. But it was just soooo plain, despite the day glow color! 

That's when I found the Pellon Vinyl Fuse!!!! I decided I would make some appliques with it and jazz up that raincape!!! 

Step 1

Fold over your fabric until you have a triangle. 
Measure down the sides and the middle, marking the points. Connect the points and cut. 

See that camo riptstop?? SIGH... I promised Colin some sort of rain gear out of it. 

Step 2

Cut a slight curve a couple of inches from the top.

Step 3

Cut straight down the middle.

Step 4

You can use the hood of another jacket or hoodie or whatever as your template. I used the pattern I made for Colin's Minecraft Hoodie and sized it up. 

Cut 4 pieces.

Step 5

Take 2 pieces and sew around the back curve. Do the same to the other 2 pieces.

Step 6

Take one set and turn it right side out.
Slide it into the other one.
Sew around the front curve.

Step 7

Turn it all right side out and top stitch along the front of the hood.

Step 8

Pin the bottom of the hood to the neck. 

Sew in place. 

Step 9 

Apparently ripstop WILL unravel. :/ So what I did was just zigzag stitch around all the raw edges. Much easier than trying to hem a circle! BLECK!!! 

Step 10

Next, I took the vinyl fuse and following the directions, fused it with the 2 prints.

Then I cut out raindrop shapes. 

Step 11

Pin the shapes on where ever you like.

Then, using a tight zigzag stitch, sew all around the raindrops.

Move the cat so you can photograph your work.

Step 12

So, I wanted to reinforce the area where the button and buttonhole go.... Then I melted the riptop.... So I had to make a patch out of double sided fuse. :P 

Then I added the button and the buttonhole. 

After that you are ALL DONE!!!!!

I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures. I am still trying to figure out the camera on my new phone and I don't think it liked the color of the ripstop. LOL It looks SO MUCH better in person than it does in any of the pictures. 

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  1. I love the cape...I really need to go fabric shopping, lol!

    1. Thanks!!!
      You have GOT to try that vinyl fuse!!! AMAZING stuff right there! ;)

  2. Cailey's rain cape came out amazing. As you said, the cape can be worn over anything, making it so versatile. I love the color and the raindrop design is perfect.

    1. Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!!!! :D She loves it! AND she'll be getting to use it a lot in the next few days! LOL

  3. The raindrops are the perfect addition! Love love love it!

  4. GAH! I'm so insanely jealous of your ability.........

  5. This is a cute idea. I wish that I could sew My kids cute things such as this. I lovery the raindrops.


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