March 3, 2015

DIY St Patrick's Day Table Decor - NO SEW!!!

This project is sooooo super easy!! No sewing involved!! 

What I Used

1 yard of printed burlap
Green and gold trim
Heat N Bond Iron On Adhesive UltraHold
Glue gun (fabric glue can be used instead)

This is so easy that I feel silly doing a tutorial for it. 

Step 1 - Cut the burlap to the size you need for your table.

Step 2 - Fold over the ends and press. Add the Heat N Bond inside the fold and press. Do this to all 4 sides. (You CAN use hot glue or fabric glue for the sides but the Heat N Bond is quicker, easier and less messy.)

Step 3 - Hot glue or fabric glue the trim down the sides.

You are done. 


Now, for the center pieces.

The Hubby found some great candle sticks for me at an auction. Less than $5 for all 6!! BUT I am having trouble finding green candles!!!! They aren't just for Christmas!!!!!

I went to The Dollar Tree and found bunches of green and green and white mums. I grabbed about 3 each. Then I grabbed the green bucket to put them in. 
Last I grabbed the rock. 

Y'know... I have some shamrock cutouts and some twine... I might add those to the candle sticks.... 

Simple, easy and CHEAP home decor!!!! 

If you haven't checked out my Burlap Shamrock Door Hanger, you should!! ;)

How are YOU decorating for St Patrick's Day????


  1. Tease me with a St. Patrick's Day picture, and I'll click on the link ;-)
    Never in my life I have heard of "Heat N Bond", so once again I'm impressed about the stuff one can find in the land of unlimited possibilities! I have a hard time finding candle sticks, too. C and I did some candle dipping the year before, and we have nothing to actually put them in or on.
    My decoration so far? An empty Guinness can ;-) No joke! I will get there, though...

  2. LOL!!! That sounds like the PERFECT start to decorating for St Patrick's Day!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. How pretty does that look! Good luck in your green candle hunt although the white ones look pretty good too.

    1. THANK YOU!!!!
      I have given up on finding green ones. I have been all over and can't find a single one. :/ Now I know to stock up at Christmas! LOL

  4. I love how your projects look like they took a lot of effort but are actually easier than I'd think. I suck with the iron, but I could actually do this one!

    1. LOL!!! Thank you!!!!
      Yeah, I am all about the easy. Most days that's all I have time for! ;)

  5. We've never used a table runner before, but I just got one as part of a set of party decorations to review. Now I see the point! I love how you put this together. It's really makes your table pop!

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      I had never really used them until recently. We decided to get a coffee table since all the kids were/should be old enough to not destroy it! LOL

  6. How super cute! I love the border on the table runner. How do you have time to do these adorable crafts, home school and blog?


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