November 15, 2012

15 Day Blogger Challenge – Getting to Know the Blogger – Day 3

What’s some of your favorite memories from childhood?

Oh, this is an easy one! LOL

I have no brothers or sisters but I do have cousins! Lots and lots and lots of cousins and my favorite memories revolve around them.

My Mother was one of 15 kids and my Dad was one of 9. I have cousins that I don't even remember ever meeting! BUT I spent a ton of time with Amy, Ginny, Sandy, Gary, Andrea and Dawn-Marie.

I remember sitting on Amy's dog's house planning to runaway because we were upset over some small thing. LOL

I remember being at my Grandma Blevins' house with my cousins and wishing The Uncles would hurry up and finish eating Christmas dinner so we could get to  the visit from Santa and the present opening!

I remember being in one of the bedrooms at my Grandma Blevins' house with my cousin Gary and we swore we heard Santa's sleigh bells! Grandma was trying to get us to calm down and go to sleep. LOL

My Grandma Blevins' house had 2 playrooms and the cousins and I spent a ton of time in them. It was always especially fun during the holidays when even more cousins were around to play with.

I remember summer vacations and renting movies with Ginny to watch at Grandma's house. OMGOSH did we pick some clunkers! LOL But there were also our favorites that we would watch over and over again. Lost Boys, Fright Night....

I remember Grandma Blevins giving us money to walk to 7-11 to buy candy.

I remember the joy of seeing my cousins at Grandma Painter's house. I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I did the cousins from the other side of the family. But I do remember playing Little House on the Prairie and arguing with Dawn-Marie over who would be Laura! LOL Actually, she and I did a lot of arguing as kids! LOL Maybe because we were both the only child and were used to having things our own way?

Amy and I argued a lot, too. We were always in the same class when I was going to school in WV and we spent a lot of time together outside of school, too. She and I are still very close today, even though it's been about 13 years since we've actually seen one another!

I remember when my cousin Andrea lived in Virginia with a big yard and big Irish setter to run and play with.

I remember staying the night at Ginny's, Sandy's and Beck's house, listening to the radio and dancing while we did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. We would eat Ramen noodles or hot dog buns with just chili! LOL

I remember staying so many nights at Amy's and eating Cocoa Puffs and toast for breakfast. LOL I remember Amy having every toy that I had ever wanted but she would much rather make things than play with them! LOL

I remember Gary always telling me that I couldn't tag along because I was a girl and I couldn't do the things the boys could do. That set me up for some DOOOOOOOZIES! LOL Like climbing up to his tree house when it wasn't completely finished. I got stuck up there and my Mom had to find a ladder to get me down. LOL Then there was the time I decided to follow them down the cliffs.... Oh, boy!!! We made it to the bottom only to find a pack of mean dogs. Up we went again!  OH! And the time that they decided to climb into the Doberman's pen next door....... I climb up the fence and was trying to balance on it while the dog was trying to get me. My shorts snagged on the top and when I fell.... RIP! Dumby me went in to change and then climbed that fence again! LOL That time I made it on top of the dog house but I was too short to climb onto the shed next to it. That was when the dog's owner came out and fussed at all of us.

I remember watching MTV at Grandma's house with Ginny and Sandy. We had certain videos that we always made fun of or ones that we knew the dance steps to.

OOOOOH!!!!! Here's a memory for you! LOL My cousin Sandy was staying the night at my house. We had a "creek" that ran right beside it. My Mom went shopping and we decided we would go wading in the creek. When my Mom got home and saw us, she FREAKED out. Turns out it wasn't a creek after all.... It was sewage headed to the water plant..... Yeah..... I think my skin almost melted off from the hot bath and scrubbing. Afterwards, when we were squeaky clean again, we went to sit by the "creek".... Sandy's shoe fell off.... Back in she went to save it! LOL

I was having a slumber party one night with some of my best friends and some of my cousins. Ginny went in the house to call the radio station and request a song. Apparently the DJ answered her call but she hung up! The rest of us were out on the porch with the radio but somehow we all KNEW it was she that had hung up!!!!! LOL

Gosh, I miss my cousins........ So many good times. We were always there for each other.

I remember practically living at Amy's several times. A couple of my favorite movies were first watched at her house. "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and "Savannah Smiles".

OHH!!! Here's another good one! LOL It must have been some sort of holiday because there were a BUNCH of us at Grandma's house. We were all outside messing around when my cousin Gary found a baby blue jay that had fallen from the nest. Down into the woods we go..... My cousin Little Roger picked the baby bird up and the next thing I knew *I* was pecked in the head!!!! Then the momma bird pecked Gary in the head. Back up the hill we go and into the house. When we emerged we had brooms, mops and such in our hands and bowls, pots and strainers on our heads! LOL SOME of us decided we had had enough and stayed on the hill with a blanket to cover our heads with just in case.... LOL

Writing this has been a bit bittersweet. My cousins Gary and Sandy have passed away.

I really miss my cousins.

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  1. Loved reading this! Great memories of some really fun times!!! There sure were a lot of us! Funny that you would mention how I had all those toys...but all I wanted to do was make things. Now who is the crafty one?!!! I'm sending my matial to you to get stuff made! Lol!

    I remember spending lots of time with those same people. Remember the time you lived on Gatewood Rd and had that halloween party? We all loaded up and went to that haunted barn. I was terrified. Lol. And the time we were pretending to fight in Grandmas yard and Gary jumped in the middle. You ended up biting him. Lol. And the club that We made. We buried our dues in Gary's yard...I wonder if that money is still there? Treasures that may never be don't play like that anymore.

    My mom was always there were always cousins at our house. You, Shelley, Sandy, Ginny, Little Roger, Gary, Carla, Darin. I remember playing with Terri and Trina or Kirk and Travis on occasion. The list goes on.

    Sure does make me miss those days. i just hope my kids are making lots of happy memories of their own that they will cherish like I do mine. Love you Stacy! Many times, you were my worst we did fight a lot...but always my closest cousin and one of my very best friends!

  2. LOL! I was thinking about that crafty thing as I was writing it. LOL Turns out I had a little bit of in me all along! LOL
    OH! I bet that money is still there! I had forgotten all about that!
    I remember the Halloween party. Boy, that was a disaster! LOL
    OH!! I remember that play fight! LOL I got so mad at Gary! He couldn't believe I actually bit him!!
    OH!! Remember when Kirk and Little Roger would come running up the road when we got off the school bus? Mamie and Cakey! LOL
    How about, "Ron't rort, Ramy! Ron't rort!"
    I miss you!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  3. Aww!!! Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!! :D
    I am SO happy you feel that way!!!

  4. Enjoyed your stories, and look forward to more..
    Are you getting settled in ? How is Ga? Hope you feel
    at home real soon..

  5. Thank you!!!
    Trying to get settled. Still have books that I need to unpack but after today's fiasco I am taking a little break. I think I have a slight concussion. :/

  6. Hello! I'm doing the challenge as well and I am smiling as a read your posts. I also went to many different schools and spent a lot of time amongst cousins. I'm looking forward to sharing my memories when I get to that question! :-)

  7. COOL!!!! I haven't met many people that have bounced around as much as I did! LOL
    I look forward to reading your posts!! :)


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