November 25, 2012

15 Day Blogger Challenge - Getting to Know the Blogger - The Rest ofthe Days

SO sorry to have taken so many days off. Been sorta crazy around here! But in a good way. ;)

Now for the rest of the days!! LOL I noticed that I skipped on a while back so I will add it now. ;)

Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?

 3 blogs you visit and read enthusiastically.

 Social Networks/Blog Communities you want others to know you’re a part of.

Closing and any upcoming posts or raffles you would like to share with us.

I started my blog to have a place to share my sewing and homeschooling ideas. I have to admit, I share way more sewing than homeschooling.... LOL But we haven't actually been doing a lot of schooling lately, either... We will be starting back up on Monday!!!!! YILES!!! I don't think I am quite ready..... LOL

3 blogs, just 3???? LOL  There are SOOOOOOO many that I read that I would feel bad just naming a few. I wouldn't know how to pick! So, I would say a good start would be to check out all the blog buttons I have over on the right. If a blog is there, it's because I like it. LOL

Well, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, although I still don't "get" Twitter. I would LOVE to add a GFC button but they stopped doing it for blogs other than Blogger back in March. :/

Upcoming posts?? Welllll, I think that today I will be working on a new dress for Cailey. I know for sure that it will be knit and probably grey...... Other than that I'm not sure yet. BUT there will be a tutorial! LOL

OH!!! And in the near future I will be making Cailey and Colin both Christmas shirts. So, more tutorials!!!!! ;)

I will also be putting together a Christmas Unit for both Cailey and Colin, mostly using units that I already have, but I will be sure to share all of that with you.

Oh! I read a GREAT book lately!!!! It was Something Witchy by AJ Myers.  I left a review for it over on Amazon if you would like to check it out. ;)


  1. Look forward to seeing what you make... Loved the last dress you made cute. Have fun sewing.. and know you dread to see school start back..yuck.. How is Ga going? Have you met any people yet? Wishing you all the best.

  2. Thank you, Judy!!!!!
    GA is good... I haven't met anyone yet, though... I was going to try a new church this morning but woke up feeling realllllly bad. :/


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