November 29, 2012

Pink Fig Market Day Gauchos

This is what I have been working on, The Pink Fig Market Day Gauchos.  I wanted to give them a bit of a holiday flair so I used crushed panne in 4 colors.

I really liked this pattern. It's the first I have used from Pink Fig. It had an easy to follow booklet with directions and the lines on the paper pattern were a dark blue and easy to easy.

The only issues I had were solely due to my sewing machine acting up! ARGH! More tension issues and now I can't set the length between stitches. I think something came loose during the move. :( And even though I LOVE that my new foot is clear, it is NOT a Singer foot and I think it is a tad bit too thick. I have been having feed issues because of that.

ANYWAY! I love the Pink Fig pattern designs and I can't wait to try out the other patterns that I won! ;)

So, what do you think of my take on the Market Day Gauchos??? I will have Cailey model them as soon as the top is done!

I will be starting on a matching shirt of my own design today. As soon as I am done I will be posting the tutorial! :)

Tomorrow I am going to get together a list of Christmas homeschooling links. I've been having a hard time getting into the Christmas mood lately. I hope that will help! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we basically skipped Thanksgiving, Jacob is not here AND it's still VERY warm down here! LOL It does NOT feel like Christmas!!! ;)


  1. THANKS!!!!!!! The pattern was awesome! I would have had them done a while ago if it wasn't for fighting with my sewing machine!!

  2. Love the fabric and don't worry you get used to the weather being a bit warmer.

  3. I love them.. I really like pink fig patterns.. I have bought several of them for my grandaughters.. They are always easy to follow.. and turn out so cute. Can't wait to
    see Cailey in them..
    Have you found the fabric stores in your area yet? Do you have Hancocks and Joanns?
    Hope so.
    It is alot warmer down this way...SO hard to feel like Christmas.ha. [Just wait until
    summer when the humidity is awful...Sorry, I am suppose to be encouraging]

  4. The Gauchos are cute. Christmas this far South can never be predicted. We have snow, rain, sleet, and sunshine- all in one day. Say what you will, it is never boring! Right now in Mid-Tn. we are having sunny, breezy upper 50's, down into the 30's tonight. Still not the weather of my childhood, but nothing remains static. I pray for more Christmas in your heart than you have ever had. I know you will grow beautifully where you are planted. Take care.

  5. Thanks, Misty!!!!!! :)
    I just know we are going to pay for the warm winters with the unbelievably hot summers!!! LOL

  6. The closest Hancock's is just over an hour away! And the closest Joann's is 45 mins!! WAH!!!! BUT there is a small independent fabric shop. I am planning a trip in there just after Christmas! LOL
    LOL about the humidity! Yep, that's what I thought.... BLECK!!! LOL

  7. You are AWESOME, Regena!! Thank you SO much!!! :)
    We are supposed to go pick out a tree this weekend. Hopefully that will help me along.

  8. Love the plush fabric... very nice.

  9. Thank you!! :) It's soooo soft! I think I need to make myself something out of it! LOL

  10. Stacy, your fabric stores sound like my situtation.. Joanns , Hancocks, and Hobby Lobby
    are all about 50 minutes away...[so when I get to go,its a treat ,lol]. The only one I have close is the fabric dept at Wal Mart.. which is 20 minutes away..SO, of course, I visit wal mart alot!!!!

  11. Oh, yep... That's me, too! Well, the Walmart is close but they don't have a big selection. :/ They do have some cute prints, though. I am definitely going to try some out after the holidays are over! LOL

  12. They turned out fabulous Stacy! I love the crushed velvet. Fantastic job!

  13. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I can't wait to try the others that I won! THANK YOU, again!!!!!


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