November 4, 2012

Y'all Aren't Gonna Believe THIS!!!


Well, we are moved. We are now Georgians. The moving company loaded us yesterday and delivered TODAY!!!!

So, we left Virginia around 5 pm and drove as far as Florence, SC last night. I go to plug my laptop up in the hotel room and BLEW A FUSE!!!! No power in the hotel room. SIGH... We call down to the front desk and they say to come up and get another room. As I was backing out to go to the front desk, BAM! I hit a big ole bush.... SIGH... No damage to the vehicle or the bush. SHEW!!!!!

So, we get into the new room and we let the cats out of the big box they were travelling in. They went INSANE!!!!!

This morning it takes 5 of us to try to get the cats back into the box and NONE of us were unscathed! I think I might still be bleeding!!

Anyway, we are driving down the interstate and all of a sudden Cloud figures out how to get out of the box! Then Bonnie and Pammy shoot out. We were then doing 80 on 95 with 3 cats loose in the van. SIGH......

OOOH!! And we passed a GIANT shoe driving down the road! I swear!! A GIANT SHOE!!! I made sure I wasn't the only one that actually saw it. ;)

We are in another hotel tonight. Even though all our stuff was delivered today we have no utilities.... I will be taking care of all of that in the morning.

I have some GREAT pics of the house to show y'all!!

See the palm trees that I circled?? We have 4 of them in the yard!!

Colin is checking out the pea gravel in the driveway. ;)

My other 2 palm trees!!! :)

The wood underneath that circled part is cedar! It smells soooo good!!!!

These are just a few of the pics that I took today. I will post some more tomorrow.

SOOOO tired and I still have SOOO much to do!!!

Praise the Lord for getting us safely to Georgia!!!!!


  1. WHO blogs the day they move? Seriously? Your new home is beautiful. And I'm so jealous, there's nothing like fresh coconut right off the tree!

  2. Cats running amok, Giant Shoes, Blowing a fuse running into a bush! Entertaining your readers and friends, Thank You!!!!!!!lolol
    I Love your Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look at all that yard , Lots of Tender Loving care and it will Bloom!!!!!!!

  3. ROFLOL! ME! Like I said, blogging keeps me sane... LOL ;)

  4. ROFL! THANK YOU PATCHES!!!! <3 you!!! :)

  5. So proud your in Ga safely.. [and even got the cats there].. The house looks great, Know you will be so happy to get settled in.. Sending prayers for an easy transaction..

  6. Glad you made it. Welcome to this part of the South. Take some time, breathe deeply and we will all be here where you left us.

  7. After all that, all I can say is welcome to Georgia!!

  8. Amen :)) Congrats on your move :)) God is always and consistently faithful and loving to us. Enjoy this beautiful day He has made for us. Lola Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 02:00:30 +0000 To:

  9. I am so glad you guys made it there safely! Hopefully you'll be in your new home soon, so you can start settling in:) LOL @ the cats getting out of their box!

  10. You mentioned that you considered this a journey. What a journey it's been. lol I love your new home.

  11. Congrats! We're all so looking forward to the next set of pictures. Southern Georgia is almost Florida, my new home -- also a transplant from Virginia. Love these palm trees.

  12. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    2 of the cats are back to normal but Bonnie is mad at me. Makes me so sad. :(

  13. I'll be calling you tomorrow to fill you in! LOL

  14. LOL!! You got that right! Oh, boy!!!! ;)
    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  15. Congrats on getting to your destination safely! I can't even imagine a carful of cats! Your new journey will give you all kinds of things to write about! I look forward to reading more! Glad you are safe- Georgia is lucky to have you :)

  16. The new house is amazing Stacy. Hope you take some pictures when you get all set up! I'd love to see those as well. I'm with Karen's funny that you're blogging today when you have so much going on....lmbo! It just shows how dedicated you are though. xo

    Looking forward to reading your posts on the 15 day challenge.

  17. THANKS!!!!!
    I need to get back to writing.... LOL But I think I have been overdoing it here... ;)

  18. Hey Stacy,
    How are things going in Ga? Hope you and family are getting settled in.. Know it will take a while to get use to everything.. Have you found a church yet? Sending prayers for each of you.. Miss your blog post..

  19. Thank you, Judy!!!
    We are still unpacking. SHEW! We have too much stuff.... LOL
    I haven't found a church yet but I have seen a couple of promising looking ones. ;)
    THANKS, again!!! I hope to get a post up today. It's been WAY tooooooo long!


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